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Smart Ingestion

Streamline and orchestrate data ingestion with the power of AI

Give form and structure to heterogeneous enterprise data with AI-driven intelligent systems

Eliminate data silos and transform unused, unstructured data gathered from multiple sources stored in cumbersome formats and operationalize it for business use to generate valuable insights. Scrutinize routinely generated data and prepare it for real-time consumption with a universal Smart Data Ingestion Engine that uses a SEED ontology to ingest data from disparate sources and load it into a central data warehouse.  

Ontologies are rule-based functions that assess the data before preparing it for analysis and deriving insights. Build Knowledge Graphs with starter Ontologies that present hidden patterns with Data Intelligence, identify richer insights to create new opportunities to connect with your customer. 

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The Mastech InfoTrellis technique for Architecting Enterprise Intelligence

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Unlock the potential of your data with Smart Ingestion

Traditional ETL methods and tools are unscalable and not agile. The smart ingestion process adopts intelligent machine-learning algorithms that scrutinize data present in contrasting templates and deliver it into the Data Lake for consumption by downstream Data Intelligence and analytics applications. The clean data is then assembled into Knowledge Graphs rich with context and insights using underlying “starter” ontologies.  

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Smart Ingestion Service Offerings
Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise
Need Assessment

Apply Smart Ingestion to a representative sample of data to demonstrate the feasibility, understand the variances, and deliver a detailed Intelligence Architecture production proposal and roadmap.

Smart Ingestion deployment

Configure and deploy Smart Ingestion in production and catalog disparate data with intelligent AI tools  to  deliver information for business decisions and required outcomes. 

Managed Service

Continuously improve Smart Data Ingestion capabilities and solidify Intelligence Architecture performance with our Managed Services while you focus on tackling more critical business challenges.

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