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The Value Chain of Data

Enabling activation, empowerment, and transformation of data with modern systems

The Value Chain of Data
Transforming insights into impactful results

Data should not just be interesting. Data must be instrumental. We help your organization transform data to an asset that powers every aspect of your business. The Mastech approach builds the strategy with the end in mind by focusing on your outcomes and objectives.


Nothing happens until we have created a way to get the data in the door. Solutioning around Data-in-Motion drives the creation of processes and installation and integration of platforms and software to create pathways for the onboarding, structuring and integration of all sources of data – whether they are created from within our client’s environment or sourced externally.

Uncovering the data in and around your ecosystem, collecting and adding structure for ingestion and integration through connectivity or code jump start this transformative process to begin to harness the power of your data, elevating it into a valuable strategic asset.

Data identification-1

Data Identification and Structuring



Data integration

Data Integration

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Once we have the data starting to flow, it is critical to begin solutioning your Data-as-an-Asset. These meticulously designed , flexible solutions are custom envisioned to each of our clients by seamlessly integrating organizational elements, such as processes, architecture, culture, and existing technology, to extract maximum value from their data.

Constructing scalable, composable infrastructure, laying the foundation for streamlined architectures, resilient applications, and state-of-the-art management techniques are core to this transformative process to begin to harness the power of your data, elevating it into a valuable strategic asset.

Master Data Management

Master Data Management

Data Governance

Data Governance


Data Hosting/Warehousing

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Data Activation

Collection and storage of your data are an expense. However, Data Activation transforms your data into an active enabler and value generator across your enterprise. Having data is interesting; using data is instrumental.

Enabling your enterprise to identify core business drivers, unleashing this wealth of customer insights, enhancing your decision-making process, and streamlining communication by leveraging this intricate data is the key to shifting towards data-centricity.

Business intelligence solutions

Business Intelligence Solutions

Sales solutions-1

Sales Solutions

Marketing solutions

Marketing Solutions

Customer service solutions

Customer Service Solutions

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Analytics, AI and Data Sciences

The red thread that brings all of this together – Data-in-Motion, Data-as-an-Asset, Data Activation – is our transversal thinking around Analytics, AI and Data Sciences. Leveraging sophisticated techniques will elevate the speed and value realization of all of your Data Modernization investments.

Creating new pathways for data structuring and integration, extracting meaningful insights from extensive data, identifying future ways to monetize through custom solutions of cutting-edge analytics techniques, and our deep industry knowledge will precisely align with the unique requirements of your business needs.

Predictive analytics

Predictive Analytics

Graph analytics

Graph Analytics

Knowledge graphs

Knowledge Graphs

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Turn interesting into instrumental by leveraging the Value Chain of Data