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Building Blocks of Artificial Intelligence


From the pivotal role of data strategy to navigating data challenges and maximizing AI potential through metadata, this comprehensive guide offers actionable insights for businesses diving into AI implementation. Emphasizing the importance of a holistic data strategy, it addresses challenges like bias and data inconsistency, providing practical solutions through robust data governance. Discover the integral role of quality data in successful AI implementation and how metadata is crucial for data accuracy. This comprehensive whitepaper comes with real-world success stories of our clients across diverse industries. It is an invaluable resource for industry leaders to optimize AI development and foster a data-centric culture for long-term success. 


AI and Analytics
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Michael Ashwell VP and GM Data Management, Mastech InfoTrellis

Michael is a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in enterprise architecture, solution development, cloud offerings, global sales, and consulting. He spent 30+ years at IBM where he held various roles, including leading the Data and Analytics Lab Services Cloud COE, and developed several key offerings.

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Deepti Soni Director, AI, Analytics, and Data Sciences,
Mastech InfoTrellis

Deepti Soni, a seasoned data scientist with over a decade of experience, leverages her expertise to design and implement impactful solutions for complex business challenges. Her forte lies in architecting innovative knowledge graphs and AI/ML-based approaches, empowering clients to achieve rapid ROI from their data-driven initiatives. Deepti holds a Ph.D. in Machine Learning-based High-Dimensional Data Analysis from IIT Roorkee and a Master's in Computer Engineering from Delhi College of Engineering.