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50% Reduction in TCO with Data Ecosystem Modernization


~50% reduction in TCO

~80% improvement in Data SLAs

Reduced the launch of a new product from 10 months to 6 months


We partnered with a global financial services company and helped them successfully modernize their data ecosystem. Our expertise enabled the seamless migration of their on-premises data and applications to the Google Cloud Platform. We efficiently transferred tables and data marts to GCP's BigQuery Data Warehouse and upgraded and migrated their Cognos platform to GCP, providing ongoing support. Our contributions gave the company an advanced data infrastructure, driving informed decision-making and enhancing its operational efficiency.


A Leading Global Money Transfer Company


United States



Tech Stack

Cognos , GCP Cloud, Big Query, Airflow, Data pipelines, AWS, Oracle Informatica

Tags: Data in Motion DataOps

The Challenges

  • The client sought assistance migrating their on-prem Oracle data warehouse to GCP and needed help migrating of Informatica-based application integration to AWS native integration.

  • They also needed support migrating of BI reports to GCP's compute infrastructure and expertise in implementing data pipelines using Control-M & Airflow.

  • The client needed assistance migrating operational systems smoothly to the cloud and defining and implementing DataOps for the modern data stack.