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Learn about our organization's purpose, values, and history that define who we are and how we make a difference.

Who we are


Discover how the Mastech InfoTrellis ecosystem is enabling customers to make well-informed decisions faster than ever and how we stand apart in the industry.

Delve into our wealth of insights, research, and expertise across various resources, and uncover our unique perspectives.

Thrive in a supportive and inclusive work environment, explore diverse career options, grow your skills, and be a part of our mission to excellence.

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Who We Are

Engineers, Scientists, Artists and Builders working together as data specialists to create a robust, data-driven future

Enabling data-led decisions with modern technologies and proven expertise

Knowing which data to leverage and putting these data in front of the people and machines who make decisions are crucial to adding transformational value to businesses. At Mastech InfoTrellis, we have built intelligent Data Modernization practices and solutions to help companies harness the true potential of their data. Our expertise lies in providing timely insights from your data to make better decisions…FASTER. With our proven strategies and cutting-edge technologies, we foster intelligent decision-making, increase operational efficiency, and impact substantial business growth. With an unwavering commitment to building a better future, we are driven by the purpose of transforming businesses through data-powered innovation.

global employee attrition < 9%

global employee attrition

successful 100%

successful project delivery

customer retention > 98%

client retention

employees worldwide 3000+

team members

enterprise 300+

enterprise clients

global 10+

global locations


Building data solutions with our ecosystem of contributors


Our people are change-makers in the data industry, bringing their wealth of experience to empower businesses to unlock decisioning with modern data systems. With an unwavering commitment to creating a connected and data-driven world, our people continuously push boundaries and set new standards for excellence.


Recognized and industry-leading technology companies partner with us to create impactful Digital Transformation for our clients. With our collective expertise and aligned vision, Mastech InfoTrellis and its partners solve data-related challenges for clients with assured returns and transformative outcomes.


We take pride in our employees, whose expertise and collaborative spirit deliver impactful solutions, making a difference to our clients. Their passion comes not only from a love for what they do but also from a love for the company, which boasts a global attrition rate of sub 9%. This attrition rate is industry-leading when compared with other top global SIs, who average at 20%+. Such low attrition has a significant impact on project execution and costs for all our customers.

What sets us apart

We've embarked on an incredible journey, evolving from creators of game-changing data solutions to becoming trusted data partners for over 300+ enterprise customers and counting. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has empowered organizations to transform their data management practices, driving innovation, efficiency, and success. But don’t take our word for it, our existing customers are happy to be references for us and the work we do for them. We also have an amazing customer retention metric of greater than 98%.

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Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

Our most significant asset lies in the richness of diverse perspectives. To unleash this potential, we cultivate a culture of collaboration and inclusion where individuals from all backgrounds are respected and empowered to contribute to our collective success. We firmly believe in fostering an environment that celebrates diversity and fuels innovation. Our employees are encouraged to ignite their creativity within our dynamic workspaces, where innovation flourishes and forward-thinking trailblazers shape the future with authenticity.

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