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Analytics, AI, and Data Sciences

Drive informed decisioning with modern statistical techniques and analytics

From data chaos to strategic clarity

In a rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses must extract actionable insights from vast data. At Mastech InfoTrellis, we embrace challenges by blending advanced analytics techniques with our domain expertise to deliver tailored solutions that meet companies' exact needs. Leverage our Data Science and Analytics offerings and uncover hidden yet significant business relationships as we apply advanced statistical methods to analyze large volumes of internal and external data.

Empowering businesses with an advanced analytics strategy

Domain expertise

Domain expertise: With cutting-edge techniques and industry knowledge, we derive valuable insights, predictions, and actionable strategies from your data.

Holistic data strategy

Holistic data strategy: We develop data strategies that encompass governance, acquisition, quality, and integration, laying a foundation for effective data-driven decisioning.

Scalable and efficient

Scalable and efficient:  Leveraging scalable technologies and architectures, we handle increasing data volumes and evolving needs while providing high-performance and timely insights.

ROI and business impact

ROI and business impact:  Our data-driven strategies align with your KPIs and help you unlock cost savings, impact revenue growth, and increase process efficiencies.

Unlocking decisioning success through key partnerships

Our AI, Analytics, and Data Science solutions

Predictive Analytics
Predictive Analytics

Our predictive analytics solutions deliver accurate predictions and actionable insights, empowering informed decision-making. We leverage advanced algorithms and data modeling techniques, identifying variables to address your challenges and optimize processes, risks, and opportunities.

Knowledge Graphs
Knowledge Graphs

Unlock valuable insights from interconnected data with our graph database solutions. We help you discover hidden patterns, and make precise data-driven decisions with scalable graph database architectures, enabling seamless integration, and actionable insights for better data management and advanced analytics.

Graph analytics
Graph Analytics

Uncover deeper insights and drive informed decisions with our graph analytics solutions. From data preparation to algorithm selection and interpretation of results, we help you extract richer insights, discover complex patterns, and leverage unseen relationships in your data.


From Pixels to Profits: Improving Data Quality in PIM Systems using AI

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