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5.5% Revenue Uplift with Advanced Data Aggregation and Hyper-segmentation Analytics


The solution enabled a 75% drop in the customer churn rate

Seamless integration of multiple feeding systems for a 360-degree customer view

Advanced data engineering techniques drove actionable insights


We helped an insurance provider unlock the power of customer 360, by providing a unified and holistic view of each customer. By seamlessly integrating multiple feeding systems, we delivered access to all relevant data points, enabling informed business decisioning and building personalized experiences. Our customer 360 solution helped the client gain valuable intelligence about customers' preferences, behaviors, and needs, helping create targeted marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.


An established insurance and risk solutions provider


North America





Tags: Data Engineering Customer 360

The Challenges

  • The client wanted to streamline fragmented data stored in multiple systems and needed a robust Data Engineering solution to consolidate data, achieve a comprehensive customer 360 view, accurately estimate customer churn rate, and capitalize on cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

  • There was a need to enhance customer engagement through predictive analysis and personalized product suggestions for which a deep understanding of customer needs was required.

  • Extracting data from multiple sources and establishing a unified Customer-360 view posed a significant challenge, requiring efficient integration, overcoming technical complexities, and implementing a robust Data Engineering solution.