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Oracle Digital Assistant Rapid Start

Reduce your customer service ticket volume by over 50% with Oracle’s AI Powered Digital Assistant

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Maximizing CX impact by harnessing the power of AI assistants

Virtual digital assistants, or chatbots, are all the rage these days, and companies are seeking ways to improve customer experience, satisfaction, and retention with sophisticated chatbots. Our partnership with Oracle allows us to provide one of the market's most complex artificial intelligence (AI) powered technologies. We help clients answer the most fundamental questions about bot technology:


What are chatbots exactly, and how do they work?


Why are chatbots a game-changer for you and your organization?


How can chatbots simulate human conversation and meet your customer's needs?


How do chatbots handle FAQs, service disputes, and even nurture leads?


How do I increase call and live chat deflection?


How can I improve customer satisfaction with bots?


Where can I increase operational efficiencies with a digital assistant?


How can I reduce costs?


What are the key things to consider when deploying a chatbot?

Crafting conversations with 
digital precision

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Conversational AI: Our automated bots engage customers in immersive, meaningful conversations, offering personalized assistance and interaction.

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Identifying customer intents: We evaluate the top call drivers to identify customer intents and optimize your customer service strategy, enhance customer experiences, and drive business growth.

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Collaborative sessions with customers: Our interactive workshops enable us to focus on up to 5 key customer intents to refine chatbot processes and functionality for a seamless user experience.

Our business-centric CX solutions

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Machine Learning for CX

Discover the power of machine learning to reshape customer experiences. Through advanced machine learning algorithms, companies can unlock valuable insights, analyze data, and effortlessly optimize their CX strategies.

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AI-Powered Personalization

Experience the next level of customer engagement with our AI-powered solutions. From intelligent chatbots to data-driven analysis, we're revolutionizing customer experience by focusing on the modern capabilities of artificial intelligence.

Deploy intelligent bots for interactive, conversational customer experience

Get up and running in just 6 weeks!

The Methodology

The Process

  • Analyze call drivers to identify customer needs.
  • Facilitate collaborative workshops to define chatbot functionality.
  • Build and train chatbot to match customer utterances with intents.
  • Integrate custom components and define chat flow.
  • Administer training on bot management and enhancement.
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