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Enterprise Knowledge Graph Intelligence

Understand your data with Ontologies

Train Ontology-powered algorithms and extract insights with meaningful data interpretations

Get your machines to understand the nuances and complexities of the business as well as a human expert. Construct ontologies to represent multidimensional business objects and rules such as legal contracts, complex accounting rules, complex hierarchies, events, and more.  

Represent multidimensional business objects such as legal contracts, complex accounting rules, complex hierarchies, events with rule-based Ontologies that create comprehensive Knowledge Graph Intelligence. Get starter ontologies that provide the backbone for building domain-specific Knowledge Graphs and reveal hidden patterns in enterprise data and leverage the insights for favorable business outcomes. 

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Connect the dots with Knowledge Graphs

Bring data to life with Machine Intelligence and visual projections to understand the science of the business more deeply after connecting the dots. Unearth the relationships, the correlations, the networks, and the emerging patterns by projecting data into a knowledge graph  

360-view of the retail customer with a knowledge graph with embedded domain ontologies

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Monetize graph intelligence in three ways

Mastech InfoTrellis’ proprietary Ontology Bank houses a corpus of domain-specific ontologies that can be used to accelerate graph construction projects. Ontologies are the perfect tool for storing knowledge about business objects, entities, concepts, and relationships and here is how you can leverage them: 

  • Domain Knowledge warehouses – Resolve critical enterprise problems with access to intricate Machine Intelligence that spotlights all business participants' relationships, patterns, and risks.
  • AI/ML for performance enhancement – Improve Enterprise Intelligence, make inferences from prior domain knowledge and improve machine learning algorithms like recommendation engines, decision engines, classifiers, forecasting models, etc.
  • Power domain-graph Intelligence – Position Ontologies as the backbone of domain-graph Intelligence projects like customer and product 360, HR analytics, financial/operational analytics.

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