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Unlocking Trusted, Actionable and Prescriptive Business Insights with MIT's Enterprise Intelligence Hub

BY- Tera Chung, VP Technical Sales, Mastech InfoTrellis

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Blog By Kelvin Looi, Chief Customer Officer To learn from your customer's data, you need the right information architecture and technology platform. MIT's Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH), a big game-changer, with combined service expertise on data management and advanced analytics helps your enterprise learn quickly to win at speed!


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Enterprises can become more intelligent

Why do businesses succeed? Is it merely because of their unique value proposition? Or is there more to it? If we look closely, we realize that an enterprise needs to observe its surroundings, orient to its environment, make decisions that impact its business, and take actions accordingly. Companies that cycle through this loop faster relative to their competition win – Always! This is a certainty.

The winners have the highest velocity of enterprise learning. Speed is everything.

Enterprises gather data that contains information. Information creates knowledge that inspires insights, which in turn leads to further knowledge.

Insights then enable Strategy. Strategies drive execution, which needs monitoring with constant hypothesis formulation and testing. Such feedback gives us a variety of actions to choose from. Once the action is taken, it generates data; and the cycle repeats.

The success of any organization is a function of its ability to learn at velocity and scale. An organization that goes through the learning loop faster not only wins more but wins more convincingly.

Enter Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH). Mastech InfoTrellis can help increase your enterprise’s learning velocity by 4X!

Learning at velocity (OODA Loop Diagram)
Winner – 4X Speed
Regular – Normal Speed

Learn at velocity, make real-time decisions

The Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) exposes the entire corpus of an enterprise’s data. With new information and insights now available, decision-making becomes faster, better, and more effective.

EIH establishes a data environment that allows an enterprise to learn, adapt, and evolve at a much higher velocity. This sort of learning happens when the EIH enables the enterprise both to consume the entire corpus of enterprise data and to leverage analytical models to achieve insights required to make impactful decisions in real-time. Data-driven, real-time decision-making becomes a reality with the EIH; enterprise learning is the result and that will set an enterprise apart from competitors. This is how continuous learning happens!

What lies inside the EIH? 

The EIH begins with the Smart Ingestion Engine. The Smart Ingestion Engine ingests, arranges, and stores structured and unstructured data from disparate sources in the Enterprise Data Bus, as well as in a multi-domain MDM data store when appropriate. The MDM data store integrates with a business’s channels in real-time to ensure it has golden and trusted copies of master data – customer, product, location, etc. The data thus integrates seamlessly into the EIH, making it appropriate to construct Ontologies. The enterprise learning and insights derived from the Ontologies allow the data to speak to the business like it never has before! And, of course, Machine Learning automatically enriches and extends the Ontologies over time as more data is received. The resulting Knowledge Graphs make a significant difference when it comes to real-time decisioning.

Enterprise Intelligence Hub

EIH powers next-level productivity 

The EIH allows data to optimally inform business decisions. Regardless of the industry vertical, having a solution that enables an organization to learn faster will always have a competitive advantage that keeps them ahead of their competition. Enterprises can benefit significantly from implementing Mastech Infotrellis’ EIH for different use cases, across multiple industries. Mastech InfoTrellis delivers continuous learning at velocity and scale.

EIH building blocks

The EIH is comprised of the following solutions built on a foundation of “best of breed” open source and proprietary software and technologies that can be deployed as a Cloud-native application on a public, private or hybrid Cloud, or as an on-premise solution.

  • Enterprise Data Bus (EDB)
  • Master Data Management
  • Ontologies and Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  • Analytics and Machine Learning Tools
  • Data Ingestion Tools
  • DataOps Tools

Key Benefits 

  • EIH serves as an integration hub for data and provides a connected layer from the data fabric to end user
  • Provides a foundation for clean and consistent data connectivity across the enterprise by identifying unique entities & attributes, fraudulent or irregular data patterns, rapidly push of data to the end of the enterprise for analysis, reporting or applications, and better targets for new products and services
  • EIH provides a foundation for data utilization across the enterprise independent of end-user applications. In particular, the EIH can enable data science and MDM projects as a single source of curated data assets

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