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Enterprise Intelligence Hub

Accelerate enterprise learning by 4X and stay ahead of the competition

Increase your enterprise learning velocity with Enterprise Intelligence Hub

Why do businesses succeed? If we look closely, we realize that an enterprise needs to observe its surroundings, orient to its environment, make decisions that impact its business, and take actions accordingly. Companies that cycle through this loop faster relative to their competition win – Always! This is a certainty.

The winners have the highest velocity of enterprise learning. Speed is everything.

Enterprises gather data that contains information. Information creates knowledge that inspires insights, which in turn leads to further knowledge.

Insights then enable Strategy. Strategies drive execution, which needs monitoring with constant hypothesis formulation and testing. Such feedback gives us a variety of actions to choose from. Once the action is taken, it generates data; and the cycle repeats.

The success of any organization is a function of its ability to learn at velocity and scale. An organization that goes through the learning loop faster not only wins more but wins more convincingly.

Enter Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH). Mastech InfoTrellis can help increase your enterprise’s learning velocity by 4X!

The OODA Loop – Enterprise learning at 4X velocity with Intelligence Architecture
Regular – Normal Speed
Winner – 4X Speed
Learn at velocity, make real-time decisions
Real-time decisioning

Get access to reliable Operational Intelligence and real-time data that study a vast corpus of data to arrive at actionable insights for improved and informed decision-making. Learn, adapt, and evolve at a much higher velocity by setting yourself apart from competitors with analytical models that spot opportunities and empower your enterprise in mitigating risk.

Amplify productivity

Achieve organization-wide learning and productivity with EIH-powered operations that minimize manual dependencies, leverage reliable data stored using Data Ingestion for faster decisioning, save time, and cut costs across the enterprise.

A central platform

Adopt EIH and create a single primary platform that serves as an integration hub for data and provides a connected layer of data fabric to the business user, preparing them for thorough analysis.

Building blocks of the Enterprise Intelligence Hub
Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise
Smart Ingestion Engine
Smart Ingestion Engine

Cleans, catalogs, stores unstructured, raw data and prepares it for business use with Data Ingestion engines to derive critical insights for decision-making.

Enterprise Data Bus
Enterprise Data Bus

Implements open source and proprietary tools orchestrated to gather relevant data from all sources and store it on a high-volume, high-capacity file system.

Ontologies and Enterprise Knowledge Graph
Ontologies and Enterprise Knowledge Graph

Trains AI systems to connect data points and embeds rules using which Knowledge Graphs are constructed that highlight business entity relationships.

Master Data Management 1
Master Data Management

Establishes a single record of truth for enterprise-wide data and mitigates data duplication with advanced, automated systems.

Analytics and Machine Learning Tools
Analytics and Machine Learning Tools

Intelligent algorithm-driven systems that learn, retain, and connect data sets, similar to human analytical capabilities.

DataOps tools
DataOps tools

Implements an agile approach to create and develop a distributed data architecture and speeds up the production of vast data processing applications.

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