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All the technology in the world cannot help drive better decision-making if those decisions are not supported by good intelligence. Data is the lifeblood of modern enterprise. Contextual and timely intelligence extracted from that data is what drives good decision-making. Intelligence helps with a better understanding of the observed data to facilitate good decisions. It enables an organization to prepare for the unforeseen, provide resilience against the unknown, spot new opportunities, and allow the enterprise to move faster while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. It helps you not only to survive but to thrive. 

Intelligence is the ability to sift through massive data to sort out what matters from what doesn’t. It reveals the context. It allows connects ideas. Intelligence goes beyond analysis to synthesis. 

Most legacy infrastructure is optimized for enormous data storage, which is information architecture. The modern Data-Driven enterprise needs to pivot to massive data consumption, i.e., an intelligence architecture that emphasizes learning and velocity if it is to become an intelligence-driven enterprise. Intelligent algorithms are the key to unlocking the value of an intelligence architecture. The Mastech InfoTrellis Intelligence practice helps build advanced applications that drive intelligence across the organization.

These applications span a number of areas:

  • Data: Sourcing, Profiling, Filtering, Organization, Quality, Governance 
  • Signals: Discovery (EDA), Modelling (Predictive, Advanced), Generalization, Solution Prototype
  • Implementation: Algorithm Scaling, Performance Tuning (Code, Hardware), Deployment and Interoperability, Use Case Optimization, Value Realization (Measuring ROI), Productization, Monetization
  • Knowledge Capture: Ontologies, Reasoning, Inference, Insights
  • Explainable AI: Data Visualization, Model Explainability, Interactivity, Application User Interface/Experience

AI solutions leverage one or more of these core competencies to deliver innovative, superior intelligence solutions that extract insights from data, scale AI applications to production and help drive AI adoption across the enterprise.

These Intelligence offerings are designed to enable universal data ingestion while also streamlining the entire ingestion process, improving the quality of the data and its fit-for-purpose utility, and finally, connecting disparate data sets from different siloed business units into a massive enterprise Knowledge Graph that powers a data-driven organization to the next level:

Intelligence Service Offerings

Data is of no value if it goes unused. Unused data costs money. Ontology-driven smart ingestion solution enables clients to ingest dark data to power insights. Mastech InfoTrellis can bring structured and unstructured data into a standard data model that readily connects the dots. Read more.

Data that is not curated and fit-for-purpose is useless and has tremendous costs to the organization. The Mastech InfoTrellis DQi framework puts data quality on a quantitative footing, allowing for measuring the impact of poor data quality and much more. Read more.

Knowledge Graphs offer a more natural way to explore data, drive analysis, and generate insights. They are becoming one of the most vital components of a data-driven decision process. Reimagine legacy infrastructure towards an intelligence architecture that powers intelligence and decision making.
Read more.

Mastech InfoTrellis’ Enterprise Intelligence Hub IT platform technology brings together a modular architecture to allow companies to become Data-Driven Enterprises across all the major ecosystem components. The EIH enables a 360-degree view of all crucial data within the Enterprise, including structured, unstructured, third party, and social media data. The EIH is built on a foundation of “best of breed” open source and proprietary software and technologies. Read More.

Mastech InfoTrellis deploys intelligence in three phases. First, a diagnostic assessment to establish the value and the opportunity to apply an intelligence measure. Second, get clients started with an initial deployment exercise to scale a configured prototype to production readiness. Finally, Mastech InfoTrellis will wrap a managed service around the production solution for continued maintenance, support, and solution upgrades.

Success Stories

Bettering Business Intelligence to Run Company Operations

An international private equity group needed to see daily operations details on over 100 companies that were included in the portfolio of companies they owned. Mastech InfoTrellis constructed a data warehouse and designed reports that enabled the enabled data scientists and other analysts to perform detailed analytics and the management to see issues in business processes and correct those processes resulting in a 4X increase in revenue in two years. 

Creating a Reporting Platform for the Enterprise

Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a leader in the shipping industry to perform a full scope and assessment project – including eliciting high-level business requirements. We built a highly-available, SLA-driven business intelligence and reporting solution leveraging a leading reporting platform (Tableau) that the company saved tens of thousands of man-hours every year – business analysts are busy doing actual analysis instead of manually generating reports. 


By Prad Upadrashta • posted on October 12, 2020
By Prad Upadrashta • posted on January 13, 2020

Intelligence Service Offerings:

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