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Data Science Analytics Services

Employ Predictive Analytics to unearth high-potential opportunities

Expand revenue map and minimize risks with Advanced Analytics

Develop reports that are meaningful to your business, with metrics that are reliable, actionable, and insightful. Accurately prioritize relationships and actions to help uncover high potential opportunities while steering clients away from risks. Solidify the foundation of a data-driven enterprise with advanced ReportingPredictive Analytics tools, intelligent automation.

Mastech InfoTrellis Data Science Analytics Approach

Strengthen enterprise analytics-driven transformation across the entire spectrum of your Analytics journey.

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Reporting and Predictive Analytics for impactful decision-making
Reports and Metrics Design
Reports and Metrics Design

Measure your enterprise relevance and evaluate your position in the curve with advanced reporting and performance metrics design.

Modeling (Prediction/Prescriptive/Classification)

Predict outcomes, segment data sets with business insights, and prescribe data-driven actions with smart Data Science practices.

Model Validation and Recalibration
Model Validation and Recalibration

Conduct stress tests and evaluate model efficacy, monitor trend adoption, and perform regulatory checks, all while maximizing algorithmic capabilities.

Mastech InfoTrellis methodology for effective application of Data Science Analytics
 Define Business Problems and challenges
Stage 1 - Define Business Problem and data challenges

Analyze critical business pain points and hold a strategy workshop to identify specific analytics needs.

Data Preparation
Stage 2 – Data preparation

Prepare data and establish benchmarks for qualifying new predictors with our expertise and AI Accelerators.

Prediction and Prescription modeling
Stage 3 – Prediction and Prescription modeling

Establish model specifications and baseline performance standards with Predictive modeling and intelligent automation techniques.

Stage 4 – Model validation

Obtain comprehensive diagnostic and prognostic results from model stress testing, with rebuild recommendations.

Key Benefits of Data Science Analytics Consulting
Promising gains
Promising gains

Gain 70%+ from implementing our predictive models and Smart Data Prep Assistants.

Simplified data access
Simplified data access

Obtain data in an analyzable format, faster with our Smart Ingestion Engine.

Enhanced error spotting
Enhanced error spotting

Solve problems in attritions, fraud, and revenue leakage with advanced algorithms and tools.

Discover opportunities
Discover opportunities

Find new profitable markets and customer journeys with the right products and services.

Analytics services for distinct organizational needs 
Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise
Advanced Analytics
Advanced Analytics

Apply AI-decisioning, Data Science practices to solve business problems and turbocharge investigative analytics with intelligent algorithms.

AI Accelerators
AI Accelerators

Kick-start projects without delays and enable quick sprints with AI Accelerators prepared for continuous learning and lower time-to-market.

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