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Expand revenue map by keeping risks at bay

Expand revenue map while minimizing risks 

Mastech InfoTrellis Analytics Services provides a mix of Reporting and Predictive Analytics offerings as a foundation for the Data Driven enterprise. These services help clients develop reports that are meaningful to their business, with metrics that are reliable, actionable, and insightful for their business requirements. Predictive models can accurately prioritize relationships and actions to help uncover high potential opportunities while steering clients away from risks. To learn more about more Advanced Analytics solutions, click here.

  • Next Best Action/Optimization

  • Predictive Models & Validation

  • Forecasting

  • Segmentation/Classification

  • BI Reporting & Data Visualization

Mastech InfoTrellis can help clients across the entire spectrum of their Analytics journey

Reporting and Predictive Analytics Offerings

Reports and Metrics Design

Clients can evaluate reporting and key performance metrics to ensure they are current and have not decayed. The Design also updates practices using innovative approaches to get ahead of the industry curve.

Modeling (Prediction/

Modeling is used to create and apply appropriate and accurate algorithms to predict outcomes, score and segment data sets providing key business insights and prescribe data-driven actions to improve business decisions.

Model Validation and Recalibration

Clients can conduct stress tests and measure model performance. The process also ensures that predictors are keeping up with trends and features can be recalibrated, if necessary. Clients can also take care of compliance and regulatory checks while maximizing an applied algorithms’ predictive power.

Unique Methodology

Step 1: Define Business Problem and Data

The process starts by defining business problems and data challenges. Analytics Advisors hold an initial assessment and strategy workshop to identify specific analytics needs.

Step 2: Data Preparation

Leveraging Mastech InfoTrellis industry expertise and AI Accelerators, the team prepares the data and establishes a benchmark for qualifying new predictors.

Step 3: Prediction and Prescription Modeling

The process delivers model specifications with baseline performance metrics.

Step 4: Model Validation

Covers diagnostic and prognostic results from model stress testing, with rebuild recommendations.

Key Benefits

  • 70% plus gains from Mastech InfoTrellis predictive models and Smart Data Prep Assistants
  • Get data intoi an analyzable format faster, with the Mastech InfoTrellis Smart Ingestion Engine 
  • Help solve problems in attritions, fraud, and revenue leakage
  • Find new profitable markets and customer journeys, with the right products and services

Analytics Service Offerings

Take Analytics to the next level.
Power up Deep Learning and Computer Vision.

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