Data Science Analytics Center of Excellence

Jump start enterprise analytics innovations with Analytics CoE

ACoE powered by Enterprise Intelligence Hub

Mastech InfoTrellis Analytics CoE (ACoE) facilitates continuous learning and innovations with AI Analytics by harnessing the power of the Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH). Drawing from the Mastech InfoTrellis Analytics Advisory, Analytics Services and AI Accelerators— an ACoE provides fast turnarounds and strategic execution of all Enterprise Analytics Innovations.

An ACoE could be organized around either a specific set of functions, or to driving enterprise-wide AI Adoption:

Model Management and Governance

Provide end-to-end model management, with feature specs monitoring, continuous model validation and recalibration. Faster, automated scoring, enabling strategic focus instead of maintenance.

Experimental Design and Execution

On-demand test, learn, and hypothesis testing to convert data and funnel insights into Enterprise decisioning. Ensure validity and reliability in expected outcomes from every decision.

Analytics Center of Excellence (ACoE)

Governed innovations increase AI adoption and culture readiness for a sustainable digital transformation. Leverage AI Accelerators to speed up iterations while upgrading the organization's talent to carry the innovations and culture change forward. More.

Within the ACoE, clients can harness the power of the Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH), by deploying quick test-and-learn “pods” that allow them to co-create Data Science-Driven Solutions along with Mastech InfoTrellis data scientists and data engineers.

Value is realized from the data and its insights, and new skills are learned that are necessary to leverage contemporary analytics to accomplish business objectives.

Analytics pods are constructed as hybrids, where client teams are upskilled to create sustainable solutions. With faster insight iterations via the Enterprise Intelligence Hub, and a culture of constant learning in their organizations, clients – together with Mastech InfoTrellis – invent their unique “Hyperscaler” that allows them to leapfrog the competition. It’s not just about technology; it’s about learning and evolving. It’s about cultural change, driven by Data Science. 

Unique Methodology

Step 1: Define Business Problem and Data

The process starts by defining business problems areas to address and underlying data challenges. Analytics advisors hold an initial assessment and strategy workshop to identify specific analytics needs to be managed and governed within the ACoE.

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Step 2: Managed Service Design Workshops

The ACoE than creates a blueprint of the innovations and analytics to be managed, including benchmark metrics identification and target measurements.

Step 3: Performance Monitoring

The ACoE may apply AI-powered data collection on performance to enable self-adjustments, ensuring continuous updates in learned patterns.

Key Benefits

  • Jumps start innovations with AI Accelerators
  • Sustainable digital transformation with enterprise-wide continuous learning—governed by an Analytics Center of Excellence
  • Data-driven enterprise powered by Knowledge Graphs, Enterprise Intelligence Hub, and Advanced Analytics

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