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Data Science Analytics Center of Excellence

Foster continuous enterprise learning and innovation with Analytics CoE

Jump start enterprise analytics innovations

Harness the power of ACoE powered by Enterprise Intelligence Hub, and achieve improved data maintenance, faster project turnarounds, and leapfrog competition with access to intelligent automated insights. Execute strategic innovations with a concoction of Analytics Advisory, Analytics Services, and AI Accelerators and experience incremental growth across enterprise functions.

Key functional drivers of ACoE

  • Model management and governance – Perform continuous model monitoring, validation, and recalibration and enable strategic focus on tasks through automated scoring tools.
  • Experimental Design and Execution – Convert data and funnel decisions with on-demand hypothesis tests and learn modules and measure the validity of calculated outcomes.
  • Analytics Center of Excellence (ACoE) – Make way for a sustainable digital transformation and a cultural shift with intelligent automation, AI Accelerators, ACoE powered speedy implementations.
Advanced Analytics powered by Enterprise Intelligence Hub

We engineer sustainable solutions that supports faster iterations with our advanced analytics solution powered by Enterprise Intelligence Hub. Foster continuous learning to attain data-centricity across critical processes of the organization with the intelligent automation of  ACoE.

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The Mastech InfoTrellis methodology for ACoE
Mastech Infotrellis Problem definition
Stage 1 – Problem definition

Define business problems and data challenges that help analytics advisors conduct an assessment and strategy workshop for determining analytics needs.

Mastech Infotrellis Service Design Workshop
Stage 2 - Managed Service Design Workshop

Establish benchmark metrics, target instruments, innovations, and analytics to be measured with a blueprint generated by ACoE.

Mastech Infotrellis  Performance Monitoring
Stage 3 - Performance Monitoring

Enable self-adjustments, continuous updates, and learning with AI-powered data on performance over a period of time.

The ACoE advantage
Accelerate innovation
Accelerate innovation

Jump start innovations with AI Accelerators pre-built for distinct industry verticals and business functions.

Continuous learning
Continuous learning

Enable a sustainable, planned digital transformation with enterprise-wide constant learning and intelligent automation of ACoE.

Superior engineering
Superior engineering

Drive a data revolution with Data Science practices and technologies like Knowledge Graphs, Enterprise Intelligence Hub, and Advanced Analytics.

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