Data Science Analytics Advisory Services

Optimize business decisions with industry-leading Analytics Advisors

Optimize business decisions with Analytics Advisors

Data Science Practice offers Decision Analytics Advisory Services to ensure optimal decisions are made as enterprises embark on a digital transformation journey. These advisory services may start at the organization-wide level: designing culture-first analytics transformations so that teams are resilient to change, or address a particular business challenge using decision Analytics.

To extract relevant insights and optimize decisions towards significant business outcomes, Mastech InfoTrellis’ Analytics Advisors specialize in: 

  • Organizational AssessmentVision Statement Creation, People Analytics, Innovation Prioritization, Proactive Change Management, Center of Excellence Design and Oversight
  • Business Problem Definition Data Science Mapping, SME Workshops, Ontology Design, Feasibility Analysis, Metrics Design
  • Simulation and Experimental Design by Domain Customer Experience Excellence, Risk Mitigation, Operations Excellence, Revenue Generation and Sustainability, Test and Learns, Behavior Shaping

Analytics Advisory provides Strategy and Design to an organization’s journey through AI Readiness, ensuring outcome excellence, with ROI-focused milestones in the shortest time to value. The key important levers to AI Readiness are People, Data, Infrastructure, and Ethics.

Unique Methodology

Step 1: Define Business Problem and Data

Defining the business problems and map to an analytics approach identifying data challenges. Analytics advisors hold an initial assessment and strategy workshop to identify specific analytics needs.

Step 2: SME Workshop

Analytics Advisors are focused on Outcome Excellence to define and scope the analytics-driven components for the first digital transformation.

Step 3: Refine The Scope of Strategy-to-outcome Mapping and Execute

Create and deliver a business outcome-centric analytics roadmap.

Key Benefits

  • Instant access to industry and strategy experts
  • Crack the code on optimal behavior economics across customer experience journeys, supply chain, products, and services
  • Accelerate the digital transformation strategy and journey to demonstrate results sooner
  • Renewable relevance: strategic innovation design ensures a continuous feedback loop between enterprise learning and decision engines

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