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Data Science Analytics Advisory Services

Embark on a digital transformation journey with advice from industry experts

Create winning business outcomes with an organization-wide Data Science adoption
Gain a firm grasp over your enterprise operations, mitigate challenges and become future-ready with our Data Science consulting, Advanced Decision Analytics and Advisory Services. Prepare your teams for a cultural change, and address critical business problems with an enterprise-wide refinement of practices.Our expert advisors apply a proven methodology to create sustainable solutions and optimize them to establish a formula for intelligent decision-making :
Stage 1: Organizational Assessment

We comprehensively evaluate the current organizational state of affairs to create a vision statement, perform people analytics, innovation prioritization, proactive change management, Center of Excellence design, and oversight.

Stage 2: Business Problem Definition

We introduce Analytics techniques and practices to your enterprise to define the business problem through Data Science mapping, SME workshops, Ontology design, feasibility analysis, and metrics design.

Stage 3: Simulation and Experimental Design by Domain

We refine analytics strategies by incorporating customer experience excellence, risk mitigation, operations excellence, revenue generation and sustainability, test and learns, and behavior shaping.

Key levers of enterprise AI readiness

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Culture-first Analytics Transformation with Mastech InfoTrellis
Expert advisory
Expert advisory

Counsel of seasoned industry and strategy experts to handhold throughout the project implementation.

Smart functional analytics
Smart functional analytics

Behavioral economics application across customer experience journeys, supply chain, products, and services.

Enterprise-wide change management
Enterprise-wide change management

Acceleration of digital transformation for faster realization of business outcomes.

Intelligent planning
Intelligent planning

Strategic innovation design for continuous learning and feedback loop between teams and technologies.

Key Benefits

  • Instant access to industry and strategy experts
  • Crack the code on optimal behavior economics across customer experience journeys, supply chain, products, and services
  • Accelerate the digital transformation strategy and journey to demonstrate results sooner
  • Strategic innovation design ensures a continuous feedback loop between enterprise learning and decision engines

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