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Manage Cloud environment end-to-end with industry leading Data Management CoE

Holistic Data Management on-premise or Cloud

As enterprises build and embark on their journey to the Cloud—implementing technology solutions and providing the operational environments required to drive business outcomes becomes increasingly difficult. With data and software being spread over on-premises and hybrid Cloud, managing and taking care of these complex technology and the operational environment gets challenging for the enterprises. Mastech InfoTrellis is an industry leading and trusted partner to manage and take care of these complex technical and operational environments for enterprises across multiple industries. Mastech InfoTrellis offers several Data Management Cloud Solutions Managed Services to operate and manage a range of complex Cloud technology solutions and environments. Leveraging Mastech InfoTrellis’ industry-leading expertise in managing Data Management Cloud Solutions environments, clients can focus on getting the maximum business value out of their Cloud setup.

Application Managed Services

Mastech InfoTrellis Cloud Solutions and Managed Services offerings provide a complete set of operational and application support solutions:

Enterprise Intelligence Hub enables the data-driven enterprise across all data and leverage AI/ML models for real-time intelligence. Read more.

Master Data Management

We are one of the industry-leading Master Data Management assessors, implementers, and managers.

IBM Watson Knowledge Catalog

We provide power data governance solutions, and intelligent self-service discovery of data, AI models for IBM Watson Knowledge.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data

We provide managed services for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, which helps enterprises collect, organize, and analyze data for AI. Also, it helps in accessing Cloud and on-premises resources.

Solution and Operational Support

Below are the types of services Mastech InfoTrellis offers for the above solutions

Data Management Solution Support

Data Management Solution Support manages software solutions in various Cloud environments. With a comprehensive service offering, it takes care of setup and configuration to meet business value demands. Some of the key highlights include – support for IBM, AWS, Azure, and other Cloud technology providers. Installation and provisioning of all solution software along with 24x7 ticket-based support.

Data Management Operational Support

Data Management Operational Support manages infrastructure and security for solution environments. It takes care of provisioning, setup, and configuration, including hardening. The 24x7 monitoring, administration, and maintenance help the enterprise meet business continuity demands. Some of the key highlights include network setup, firewall management, remote access, provisioning, security monitoring, penetration test, and risk mitigation.

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