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An MDM Solution that Integrated Data and Reduced Costs by 20%


The newly implemented MDM solution reduced costs by 20%.

The phased roadmap and long-term MDM program offered dual benefits to clients.

Our expert team delivered effective integration architecture, seamlessly integrating legacy applications with MDM in real time.


We provided a comprehensive Master Data Management (MDM) solution to a well-known Japanese manufacturing company, enabling them to integrate data from multiple legacy applications. This efficient and future-proof MDM platform empowered the client to meet their analytics needs, establish connections between member and group data throughout the organization, and achieve internal self-sufficiency for managing ongoing requirements.


A renowned Japanese manufacturing company





Tech Stack

MS Azure, RedHat OpenShift, IBM MDM CE/PIM

Tags: MDM Solution MDM Architecture MDM Platform Master Data Management Integrated Data

The Challenges

  • The client needed help to scale the legacy system and integrate data from various legacy applications. There was a need to implement a Master Data Management system, which was crucial to model the current state and predict future outcomes with member and business impacts.

  • The database was not performing as per the client's expectations.

  • The presence of duplicated customer identities within applications and across multiple systems further complicated the client's ability to maintain a single version of the truth.