Data Advisory Services

Future-proof data-driven strategies to propel business transformation

Map business objectives to trusted data

Today, successful businesses are built on the ability to use data to gain a competitive edge. With the continued exponential growth of data, it becomes even more imperative for organizations today to look at data as core to their strategy for achieving all their business objectives.

At Mastech InfoTrellis, we step in once your business priorities are set. We work with you to design specific, actionable strategies that fully leverage your data. We then apply analytics to increase revenue, reduce cost, comply with regulations, make your client’s experience better – and, above all, increase the velocity of your business.

Data Advisory and Strategy Roadmap

Enterprises rely heavily on Data Governance, Master Data Management, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, and other data programs to modernize their business to get the maximum ROI. Implementing these data programs across the enterprise is the next set of challenges that most enterprises face. Implementing Data Governance, Master Data Management, and IBM Cloud Pak for Data can be difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.

Mastech InfoTrellis understands these implementation challenges better than most practitioners in the industry having worked with clients across multiple data management disciplines and industries in implementing data management tools and services. Putting together the right strategic roadmap and accelerating time-to-value is the core focus of our Mastech InfoTrellis Data Management Advisory Services.

Specific Data Advisory Services

Data Governance Assessment

Data Governance Assessment covers strategy, implementation, audit and monitoring.
Read more.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data Assessment

Mastech InfoTrellis is a Global Elite Partner of IBM and the right partner for enterprises in implementing IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
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Implementation of Master Data Management helps enterprise manage their data flow better. Read more.

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