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The MIT Enterprise Data Bus

In our decades as architects and Data Management practitioners, we have seen many Big Data and Digital Transformation initiatives derail due to the inadequate availability, reliability, and infrastructure performance issues that are inherent in large dataset management. The truth is that, unless specifically designed to do so, most combinations of software tooling and infrastructure existing in today’s enterprises will prove unequal to the task of managing and/or processing data at digital speed. That’s why we designed the MIT Enterprise Data Bus (EDB).

The EDB implements open source and proprietary tools, orchestrated to gather data from all sources and store it on a high-volume, high-capacity file system. That data is then transformed through a Data Engineering layer into clean, reliable data that has been purpose-built for a specific business need. The constructed data product is then stored on another high-capacity file system, and is ready to be used for operations, analytics, reporting, or Data Science needs.

Enterprise Data Bus


MIT’s Enterprise Data Bus provides reliable delivery of enterprise data across systems

The Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) is a scalable, fault-tolerant ecosystem that can reliably collect, transport, engineer, and act on data in your enterprise. The EDB provides resources for the Analytics and Data Engineering teams to develop and operate AI and Machine Learning using Ontologies, Knowledge Graphs, and advanced Data Science techniques.

Once business actions are developed through analysis of the data, the EDB provides a feedback loop to the operational systems to carry out the actions. It is powered by robust security infrastructure, monitoring, and management facilities and governance hooks for business stewards.

EDB for greater productivity gains and technology ROI

EDB focuses on data across domains and functions in an enterprise, making it a truly comprehensive tool to get a full 360-degree view of the business.

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