Data Engineering Advisory Services

Engineering enterprise data to drive business outcomes

Build a coherent data strategy

One of the critical functions of Mastech InfoTrellis Data Engineering is assessing an enterprise ecosystem to determine readiness to become a data-driven enterprise. With Data Engineering Assessments such as the Data-Driven Architecture Assessment, Mastech InfoTrellis can help clients assess enterprise readiness across a range of needs from a focused application implementation (e.g., MDM) to hosting and managing deep analytics. Additional assessments can help clients develop coherent data strategies for the Cloud, including plans for the adoption and migration of key data architecture and solutions to the Cloud.

Data Engineering Advisory Services

To enable enterprises with their Data Architecture and Cloud readiness, we offer the below assessment and advisory services.

Data Architecture Assessment

Data Architecture Assessment helps enterprises with analytics readiness, as well as data availability and journey assessments. The assessment helps in key business and IT gap analysis, which can be mitigated at the earliest. The assessment is designed to create a roadmap and make a business-centric recommendation.

These Data Engineering services help assess the current Cloud strategy of an enterprise and enable Cloud integration and networking, with a focus on data engineering needs. The service focuses on data migration, application fit, and security posture. A clear Cloud adoption roadmap, timeline, and scope to move to Cloud are established during the assessment. Read more.

To manage data engineering needs across hybrid Cloud, multi-Cloud, and edge deployments with RedHat OpenShift container platform— an assessment helps clients in their current container adoption and cloud adoption strategies. The assessment will review the client’s applications and container plan to build a strategy leading to a comprehensive roadmap with timeline and scope. Read more.

Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) Assessment

Enterprise Intelligence Hub IT platform technology brings together a modular architecture to allow companies to become Data-Driven Enterprises across all the major ecosystem components. The EIH Assessment will include data connectivity needs to be met by the Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) components. Below are the service offerings, which covers the assessment part of EIH services.


  • Needs/maturity assessment
  • Program strategy/roadmap
  • Policy formulation Implementation


  • Architecture – Cloud and hybrid
  • Technical design
  • Tool selection

Support and Monitoring

  • Organization design – DevOps and DataOps
  • Support capabilities and enablement
  • Support tooling & architecture

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