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Establishing an Enterprise Data Environment to Drive Intelligent Business Operations

Why do big data projects fail?

We've heard the buzzword and its importance in unlocking phenomenal business growth. But only if implemented correctly.

Data Engineering fuels analytics

Today, all organizations are on an “information superhighway.” The sheer volumes of information exploited by technology have given rise to bundles of complexities. These increasing complexities have significant ramifications on how businesses manage and maintain data integrity as they become a Data-Driven Enterprise. As more companies rely on Data Science to increase their business decisions’ velocity and veracity, clean, available, and reliable data becomes crucial.

Mastech InfoTrellis helps clients derive insights from enterprise knowledge through best-in-class Data Engineering practices. These insights enable more informed and timely decision-making, with the best possible Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

A data-driven enterprise’s architecture must support reliable, scalable, and on-demand access to the entire corpus of enterprise data. Mastech InfoTrellis’ Data Engineering Services helps clients get answers from their Big Data by deriving value within an agile and trusted data fabric. Mastech InfoTrellis works with businesses to design and implement architectures that make the entire corpus of enterprise data accessible.

Collecting data is not enough

The Data Engineering layer provides the tools and environments that make the cleaning, matching, and transformations possible. Below is a set of platform technology services and Data Engineering Offers from Mastech InfoTrellis.

Platform Technology Offers

Enterprise Data Integration

Establishes a one stop shop for ingesting existing data while providing the capability to integrate new data sources for scale. Ingestion frameworks should be flexible enough to account for structured and unstructured data while consistently staging “new” raw & processed data into one location.

Entity Resolution

Mastech InfoTrellis’ technology and machine learning solution create a Record Linkage process across the Enterprise by consistently identifying existing and new entities through the data connectivity process. Clients become vigilant in tracking customers while continually adding new relationships and behavior to client models.

A Mastech InfoTrellis platform technology that brings together a modular architecture, across all the major ecosystem components, to allow a client to become a Data Driven enterprise. The EIH enables a 360-degree view of all crucial data within the Enterprise, including structured, unstructured, third party, and social media data. At the heart of the EIH is the Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Data Bus that provides foundational data connectivity and data management functions described further below. Read more.

Within the EIH, the Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Data Bus (EDB) provides an enterprise data connectivity and data management foundation. The EDB is implemented in a modular fashion with open source and proprietary tools, orchestrated to gather data from all sources and store it in a high-volume and high-capacity file system, creating realizable, clean data for multiple business purposes.
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Data Engineering Service Offerings

Data Engineering Advisory Services help enterprises develop a coherent data strategy with the right set of assessments. Read more.

Data Engineering Managed Services provide an all-compassing approach to manage and support enterprise Data Information Systems.
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Success Stories

25% reduction in the return of online orders through data governance and rapid data indexing

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a well-known global cosmetic retailer provide implement a Product 360 solution to give a holistic view of all the data. The Implementation of GPM (Global Product Master) paved the way for making better data-driven enterprise decisions, resulting in more efficiency in operations and better responsiveness to specific situations, which resulted in a 25% reduction in the return of online orders.

5.5% revenue uplift through advanced data aggregation and hyper-segmentation analytics

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a trusted and established insurance and risk solutions provider in North America build a 360-degree customer view based on multiple feeding systems and integrated social and in-house data for cross-sell/upsellopportunities for the provider. The solution helped the client increase their revenue by 5.5% and reduce customer churn by 75%.


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Data Engineering Service Offerings:

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