the practice

The architecture of a data-driven enterprise must support reliable, scalable, on-demand access to the entire corpus of enterprise data. We work with businesses to devise and implement architectures that make the entire corpus of enterprise data accessible.

With access to all enterprise data, it becomes possible to acquire and correlate insights across business function and line of business. This opens the door for analytics on a truly enterprise scale as data silos are reduced and data is leveraged seamlessly without regard to any artificial boundary. As a result, insights are richer and enterprise decision makers are empowered accordingly.

We use proven commercial and open-source technologies to instantiate the enterprise’s data environment and we work aggressively with clients to minimize support and lifecycle costs.

our offerings

Data Engineering stack
  • Ontologies
  • Data


We help enterprises drive the real purpose of data engineering and make it even more relevant for decision-making. With Ontologies, we equip deep learning algorithms with contextual knowledge that makes it possible to derive truly actionable insights. Armed with domain-specific knowledge, your enterprise now is more intelligent than you think.


Data-driven enterprises require reliable, scalable access to the complete corpus of their enterprise data. We help our clients construct enterprise data environments that make their entire corpus of enterprise data available on demand. This enables the production of high-quality, reliable predictive models and is foundational for impactful machine learning and artificial intelligence.