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Cloud Center of Excellence

Get maximum business value out of your cloud infrastructure

Manage and operate complex cloud environments with ease

Drive successful business outcomes and create conducive operational environments with our Cloud Center of Excellence. Leverage our industry-leading expertise in implementing and managing increasingly complex cloud solutions across multiple private and public cloud-based technologies, while you focus on getting the maximum business value out of your cloud infrastructure. 

Cloud infrastructure and application development
Cloud Management and Automation
Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation

Avail ongoing managed service to monitor cloud technology environments and cloud applications using best practices in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE). Oversee cloud operations with a unified hybrid cloud management architecture that includes application installation for custom applications and basic functional integration testing.  

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Support
DevOps Engineering and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Support

Set up ongoing management of solution infrastructure and security with our DevOps engineering services in various on-premise and hybrid cloud environments that support custom application development, deployment, and testing.

Managed Cloud software solutions
Cloud Management Solution Support
Cloud Management Solution Support

Opt for a continuous management and support solution with a cloud adoption framework that entails setup and configuration to meet business value demands. Get support for IBM, AWS, Azure, Oracle, and other public and private cloud technology providers, along with installation and provisioning of all solution software and 24x7 ticket-based support.

Cloud Management Operational Support

Get operational support, infrastructure management, security for solution environments with package features like provisioning, setup, configuration, 24x7 monitoring, administration, and maintenance that power uninterrupted business operations. Get additional protection with firewall management, remote access, provisioning, security monitoring, penetration test, and risk mitigation.

Cloud Application Workload Transformation, Maintenance, and Management

Replatform existing workload to a container-based cloud architecture and offload the maintenance of the applications. Reduce the complexities of leveraging new Cloud IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) for new and existing workloads while allowing the enterprise to focus on new business initiatives.

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