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As enterprises implement increasingly complex Cloud solutions across multiple private and public Cloud-based technologies—providing the desired operational environments to drive business outcomes has become increasingly difficult. Mastech InfoTrellis is a leading and trusted partner to manage and take care of these complex Cloud operational environments for enterprises, across multiple industries. Mastech InfoTrellis offers several Cloud CoE Services and Solutions to operate and manage a range of complex Cloud technology solutions and environments. Leveraging industry-leading expertise in managing Cloud technology environments, clients can focus on getting the maximum business value out of their Cloud infrastructure.

Cloud infrastructure and application development 

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation
Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation
Mastech InfoTrellis provides an ongoing Managed Service to help clients manage Cloud environments and Cloud applications using best practices in Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) with a focus on HADR, security, tools, and processes. The Service helps clients manage a unified Cloud management architecture for ongoing monitoring, creates a Cloud Management platform roadmap, and finally helps in the ongoing implementation and testing of Cloud Management platform components. The Service also enables the provisioning of Cloud infrastructure and application installation for custom cloud applications along with basic functional and integration testing. Mastech InfoTrellis has a range of offerings for IBM Cloud Pak for Data.
DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Support
DevOps and SRE Support provide ongoing management of solution infrastructure and security in various on-premise and hybrid Cloud environments to support custom application development in the enterprise from supporting an agile development methodology, deploying and managing automation tools to support continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD), and manage continuous deployment to managing all other infrastructure operations. The Service provides 24x7 monitoring, administration, and maintenance along with provision, setup, and configuration. Some of the key highlights include network setup, firewall management, and set up of remote access.

Managed Cloud software solutions

Cloud Management Solution Support
Cloud Management Solution Support
Cloud Management Solution Support provides ongoing management and support of software solutions in various Cloud environments. With a comprehensive service offering, it takes care of setup and configuration to meet business value demands. Some of the key highlights include – support for IBM, AWS, Azure, Oracle and other public and private Cloud technology providers. Installation and provisioning of all solution software along with 24x7 ticket-based support.
Cloud Management Operational Support
Cloud Management Operational Support
Cloud Management Operational Support provides ongoing management of infrastructure and security for solution environments. It takes care of provisioning, setup, and configuration, including hardening. The 24x7 monitoring, administration, and maintenance help the enterprise meet business continuity demands. Some of the key highlights include network setup, firewall management, remote access, provisioning, security monitoring, penetration test, and risk mitigation.
Cloud Application Workload Transformation, Maintenance and Management
Cloud Application Transformation, Maintenance and Management provides a set of services that empowers customer to take existing workloads, replatform them to a container-based Cloud architecture and offload the maintenance and management of the applications. This offering includes the establishment of automated CI/CD pipeline tools and processes to speed development and deployment activities. The offering reduces the complexities of leveraging new Cloud IaaS (infrastructure as a Service) and architectural features for new and existing workloads, while allowing enterprise to focus on new business initiatives.

Mastech InfoTrellis not only implemented the application but provides long-term infrastructure, database, and application support. Each day, monitors report the health of the system, and support staff reacts to optimize performance, data quality, and user satisfaction. Users also call Mastech InfoTrellis if they have trouble creating a report, dashboard, or piece of analysis and we help them through the exercise or create it when time is of the essence.

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