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Cloud Adoption Services 

Scale faster with a seamless and agile adoption of cloud technology

Give your enterprise a technology overhaul with efficient Cloud technology

Achieve cost-efficiency, agility, and speed-to-market benefits with the modern functions of cloud technology. Browse a range of cloud service providers that can either migrate to a new platform or accommodate a cloud adoption in an operating environment while using container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, or Red Hat OpenShift, that provide scalability.

Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Make the most of Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data for MDM 

Move to cloud with our team of experts to make the best use of Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data for Master Data Management to get the best outcomes. Install and manage several enterprise applications on Red Hat OpenShift, to take advantage of Docker and Kubernetes technologies.

Cloud Adoption Services
Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation
Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation

Get an assessment of the current cloud technology environment and collaborate with experts to develop a unified cloud management architecture that relies on a clear implementation roadmap.

Custom Cloud Application Provisioning
Custom Cloud Application Provisioning and Setup

Enable a thorough assessment of application architecture and target cloud environments, including cloud and network architecture development. Avail cloud infrastructure, application installation, basic functional and integration testing.

SaaS Application Adoption
SaaS Application Adoption and Data Migration

Begin SaaS adoption with data source and target environment assessment that follow the cloud transformation roadmap for migration and customization in a conducive environment while ensuring functional and integration testing.

Containerization Adoption
Containerization Adoption for New and Legacy Workloads

Embrace the adoption of new cloud container-based architectures such as Docker, Kubernetes, or Red Hat OpenShift while migrating to new infrastructures to leverage superior technological capabilities.

RedHat OpenShift Adoption
RedHat OpenShift Adoption

Take container-based architectures to the next level, with RHOS functionalities that allow seamless management in hybrid environments while relying on a milestone-wise implementation plan.

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