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Cloud-native applications, modernization, cloud migration

Enterprises in all industries are moving their applications and system workloads to the Cloud. Cloud technology has matured, and today, it offers cost-efficiency, agility, and speed-to-market benefits. The implementation choices range from Public Cloud services on an enterprise platform of choice, e.g., Azure, AWS, IBM Cloud, Oracle, or GCP, to a Private Cloud installed at the enterprise, to a hybrid-Cloud (a mix of Public and Private Cloud services).

Moving existing applications and system workloads to the Cloud may not be straightforward. Newer applications designed to be Cloud-native can leverage the modern Cloud operating environment while using container technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes, or Red Hat OpenShift, providing scalability and portability in a secure and governed environment. In addition, some of the legacy non-Cloud-native applications can be moved to the Cloud to benefit from a more scalable and cost-effective environment.

Red Hat OpenShift, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, MDM

Helping clients move MDM applications to the Cloud

Mastech InfoTrellis is a pioneer in assisting enterprises running their MDM applications in the Cloud, having deployed these applications on the Azure and AWS Cloud platforms, even before the MDM applications were designed to be Cloud-native. Today, Mastech InfoTrellis’ MDM Move to Cloud Assessment Pack is a popular offering for all enterprises looking to run their MDM application in the Cloud. Over time, these MDM applications will contain more Cloud-native capabilities.

Deep Expertise in IBM Cloud Pak For Data and Red Hat OpenShift

Other Cloud-native enterprise applications are becoming available today, such as those integrated into IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Mastech InfoTrellis’ Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) solution is Cloud-native by design.

Enterprises partner with Mastech Infotrellis to install and manage a number of enterprise applications on Red Hat OpenShift, to take advantage of Docker and Kubernetes technologies.

Cloud Adoption Service Offers

Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Cloud Implementation Services span the range of evaluating specific business needs, providing assistance in the design and creation of a DevOps and DataOps environment to support agile development and accelerate Cloud adoption, and helping with the enterprise application Cloud migration journey.

Multi and Hybrid Cloud Management and Automation
Mastech InfoTrellis starts with assessing the current Cloud environment and building a Cloud strategy for clients, including Cloud applications for HADR, security, tools, and processes. The Service provides a unified Cloud management architecture for ongoing monitoring and creates a Cloud Management platform roadmap and finally helps in the implementation and test of Cloud Management platform components.
Custom Cloud Application Provisioning and Setup
Customer Cloud Application Provisioning and Setup involves assessment of application architecture and target Cloud environments, including the development of the Cloud application architecture, network architecture, and security architecture. The Service enables the provisioning of Cloud infrastructure and application installation, along with basic functional and integration testing.
SaaS Application Adoption and Data Migration
SaaS Adoption, including the deployment of Customer Experience SaaS Solutions , and Data Migration start with candidate application and data source assessment, as well as an assessment of the target SaaS environment. The Service develops a roadmap for migration and installs app customization in a Cloud environment while taking care of the necessary functional and integration testing.
Containerization Adoption for New and Legacy Workloads 
Migration to new Cloud architectures and offerings requires that enterprises embrace adoption of new Cloud container-based architectures such as Docker and Kubernetes, or Red Hat OpenShift, or Amazon EKS (delivered as a managed service) along with the transformation of their existing workloads to leverage some of the capabilities that containers provide. Such a transformation requires rethinking everything from development workflows (CI/CD pipelines) to operational processes. This service helps clients embrace containerization for new and existing workloads.
RedHat OpenShift Adoption
RedHat OpenShift (RHOS) takes container-based architectures to the next level. RHOS is certified on Kubernetes and extends the base functionality further that allows enterprises to seamlessly manage container-based solutions in complex heterogeneous hybrid deployments. The adoption service covers candidate application containerization in combination with an assessment for enterprise container management using RHOS. The service develops the enterprise RHOS architecture and an adoption roadmap, plus the implementation of RHOS base Container infrastructure.

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