Culture-first Data Science with Knowledge Graphs

Today, businesses compete on the basis of their ability to leverage their data assets, through the application of AI and Data Science, to make better decisions ahead of their competition, consistently. However, most organizations have a cultural bias that must be overcome, before they can use these techniques effectively. The bias typically comes from a lack of mutual understanding among business process owners, in the application and efficacy of decisions made based on these “novel” methods.

Mastech InfoTrellis demystifies these powerful techniques for the business by combining a deep knowledge of AI and Data Science, with their application relevant to the particular business domain, using a “culture-first” approach, providing a pathway to overcome inherent cultural biases that tend to prevent wide-spread adoption. A culture-first approach to solving business problems through AI and Data Science enables rapid innovation, with agile analytics that transform the workforce. Knowledge Graph analytics at the core of Mastech InfoTrellis solutions, enable Smart Data Ingestion, faster Data Visualization, reusable Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics, and smart content tagging.

Drive excellence with best-in-class Data Science practices

Mastech InfoTrellis’ team of data scientists hails academically and professionally from diverse backgrounds, allowing them to derive best practices across domains and design an Analytics Center of Excellence (ACoE) that best fits specific client requirements. 

Within the ACoE, clients are enabled to harness the power of the Mastech Infotrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) by deploying quick test-and-learn “pods” that allow these teams to co-create Data Science-Driven Solutions along with Mastech InfoTrellis data scientists. Value is realized from the data, the insights derived and from new skills learned that are necessary to leverage contemporary analytics to accomplish business objectives, thus creating a culture-first data driven enterprise. 

Analytics Center of Excellence (ACoE) 

Mastech InfoTrellis Analytics pods are constructed as hybrids, where client teams are upskilled to create sustainable solutions. With faster insight iterations via the EIH and a culture of continuous learning in their organizations, clients – together with Mastech InfoTrellis – invent their unique “Hyperscaler” that allows them to leapfrog the competition. It’s not just about technology; it’s about learning and evolving. It’s about cultural change, driven by Data Science. 

Data Science Offerings

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Data Science Expertise

Mastech InfoTrellis brings to clients a culture of rapid-learning, coupled with a co-creation-driven approach, by applying Data Science to solve business problems. The process’ ultimate goal is to enable organizations to learn, adapt, and evolve faster than the competition. Mastech InfoTrellis offers the following services within Data Science: 

Business Insights and Reporting

Derive layered insights from data visualization. Design and implement smart, dynamic reports, enabling analysts and business leaders to meet business objectives quickly.

Smart Automation

Beyond the typical RPA, smart automation considers the full spectrum of digital transformation and adoption of best practices within client organizations. Leverage our proprietary graph and ontology-driven computer vision and ML techniques.

Metrics Design

During an initial assessment of a client’s data and business objectives, metrics are often due for a redesign. They no longer capture what is essential to the business or do not confirm contemporary business goals. Mastech Infotrellis’ design service does an inventory of current metrics and data assets. The service further explores alternatives and designs new ones that fit-for-purpose to our client’s business objectives based on the assessment.

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Build predictive and prescriptive algorithms, incorporating domain expertise from the business, and future-ready algorithmic designs that leverage ontology-based networks. These algorithms enable clients to predict and design on insights generated in real-time as their data.

Signal Detection

Discover new signals through AI/ML engines that can sift through multiple data dimensions, using enterprise knowledge graphs powered by self-learning ontologies. With the multi-dimensionality of learning engines, companies can build resilient models that adjust to contemporary events. Detect early indicators of fraud and financial stress, disease outbreaks, net promoter changes, claims and chargeback uptrends, and more.

Data Science
Data Science
Metric Design

During our initial assessment of client’s data and business objectives we often discover that the metrics being used are due for redesign, for they no longer capture what is important to the business or do not confirm to contemporary business goals. Our Metrics design service does an inventory of current metrics and data assets. It further explores alternatives and designs new ones that fit-for-purpose to our client’s business objectives based on the assessment.

Mastech InfoTrellis has designed and delivered Data Science-Driven, Digital Transformation, Analytics Centers of Excellence (ACoE) across domains, including financial services, healthcare, consumer goods, retail, and public sectors. With COVID-19 business continuity confronting everyone’s digital strategy, Mastech InfoTrellis can help clients reopen and rethink how they do business, better than before. 

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