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Customer Experience as a Service

A complete solution to transform your Customer Experience – from acquisition to retention

Accelerate your business growth with a customer-centric approach

A wall-to-wall customer experience service to transform your enterprise culture to become customer-centric. Define, refine, and build relationship-based models using customer data and insights. Switch your focus from running Customer Experience solutions to checking things that might go wrong, monitor for behaviors that they weren’t aware of, and develop deep insights into the health of the customer base, detecting early signs of customer issues.

Turning all customer data into actionable strategies becomes ingrained within the policies and procedures of successful operations.

Create engaging customer experiences across all touchpoints

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An analytics-driven CX framework to deliver exceptional Customer Experience

Desired outcome – Identify the expected outcomes contributing to a positive customer experience

Measured results – Determine how to measure the results of the desired outcome

Customer impact - Determine the strategy and policies that impact the outcome of the customer experience

Business impact – Determine the strategy and policies that impact the outcome to the business

Managed solutions – Develop the technology and data to support the desired outcome

Managed outcomes –Analyze the results and impact of the expected outcome, and make corrective recommendations

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Create experiences that matter
CXaaS for Marketing
CXaaS for Marketing

Plan campaigns, branding alignment strategy, and digital CX strategy along with campaign development, cross channel marketing, and mobility.

CXaaS for Sales
CXaaS for Sales

Perform sales analysis, territory review, and pricing optimization. Enterprises can also engage in process optimization, pipeline analysis, and forecasting along with sales lead management, territory planning, and commissions.

CXaaS for Services
CXaaS for Services

Manage your customer journey by monitoring channel preferences, channel transition, omnichannel engagement, contact center engagement, and knowledge management.

CXaaS for CX Analytics
CXaaS for CX Analytics

Leverage Customer Experience Analytics for Strategy, Governance, Technology, and Connected Data Architecture for specific services.

EIH Ecosystem – A network approach to create new values at speed

Deliver trusted enterprise intelligence on a cloud-based platform with 24×7 managed service

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