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Improving Business Intelligence Environment Stability with Cloud Migration and Descoping Unused Content


Achieved optimal reliability and security in BI tools

1,500 unused reports descoped

Reduced on-prem maintenance and cost of GCP migration


Mastech InfoTrellis empowered the client's seamless BI tools transformation by moving to a cloud-based architecture, migrating from Oracle DB, and upgrading to IBM Cognos Analytics. The GCP-based solution ensured enhanced reporting capabilities, optimized performance, and user-friendly features, making it a resounding success for the client's data needs.


A Leading Global Money Transfer Company


United States


Financial Services

Tech Stack

Google Cloud Platform, IBM Cognos Analytics

Tags: BI tools IBM Cognos Analytics

The Challenges

  • The client wanted to transition from on-premise architecture (Oracle DB) to a Cloud-based solution. 

  • They also sought to upgrade to the latest stable version of the BI tool (IBM Cognos Analytics). 

  • The client aimed to optimize the BI environment by reducing/eliminating unused reports and dashboards and enabling all batch jobs for real-time business decisions.

  • They wanted comprehensive training for end-users for proficient use of the BI tools.