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Increase business velocity with vertical-focused Customer Experience Solutions

Implement Customer Experience solutions at velocity and scale, with our customized CX accelerators customized for different industries, including Banking, Retail, and Healthcare. Gain a head-start with pre-built models, which are a 60-70% match for your industry, and we will customize the rest to meet your unique system and strategy needs. Reduce implementation time and the risk of executing a project from scratch with our Accelerator suite.

Functional Accelerators tailored for your enterprise
Customer Service Accelerator

Enhance customer interactions with omnichannel service automation, integrations with operational systems, and standard operational analytics.

Marketing Accelerator

Boost enterprise marketing efforts with omnichannel marketing automation, customer master data, marketing database, and performance reports.

Sales Accelerator

Meet your revenue goals with better sales analytics, account management, opportunity discoveries, and more.

Field Service Accelerator

Empower your field service agents with timely insights for dispatch functions, implementation of field mobile applications, and optimizing field routes.

Customer IQ Accelerator

Examine current investments, customize marketing and customer metrics, and establish base metrics and evaluation tools.

Customer Experience Analytics Accelerator

Perform intelligent content tagging, rapid A/B testing, surveys, metrics design, along with price and segmentation forecasting.

Get a head start with these CX Accelerators
Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise
Banking and Financial Services

Develop cross-sell strategies for multiple financial products and design programs that trigger the financial lifecycle of your customers with data-driven smart-banking solutions.


Analyze churn rates based on granular customer data, perform behavior-based targeting, and trigger personalized campaigns based on customer activity.


Capitalize on technology-driven, intelligent solutions, improve customer experiences with faster claim processing, and reduce fraudulent activities.


Leverage IoT data to access real-time intelligence and predict customer and market needs with higher accuracy.


Improve interactions with patients and partners in your healthcare enterprise with AI-powered insights for better decision-making in value-based care initiatives.


Create lifetime value for your retail customers with AI-powered solutions that enable you to hyper-personalize customer journeys both in-store and online.


Amend supply chain functions to suit growing market demands, with access to real-time insights on inventory, deliveries, and labor-related data.

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