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60% ROI Boost, Elevated Digital Engagement, and Revenue Surge in Banking Services


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The solution helped the client identify and prioritize growth opportunities

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Employees can make informed decisions on the product, backed by trusted user behavior data

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All employees could explore user data in Amplitude and find insights, enabling much faster testing and iteration cycles


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a multinational retail bank in the US to revolutionize its marketing approach. Focused on delivering more than just retail banking services, the collaboration aimed to enhance customer engagement and drive awareness of the bank's diverse offerings


Multinational Retail Bank


United States


Banking and Financial Services

Tech Stack

Multi-channel Marketing and Personalization System

Tags: BI tools IBM Cognos Analytics

The Challenges

  • The bank, offering services spanning retail banking, mortgage, wealth management, credit cards, and more, needed help to market its extensive services effectively 

  • Existing marketing campaigns were conducted in silos, hindering cross-selling opportunities 

  • The slow rollout of marketing programs and impersonal communication led to suboptimal performance