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Transforming B2C Contact Centers with Multi-Channel Efficiency


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The multi-channel customer experience solution led to a significant reduction of over 20% in B2C contact center costs

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Improved operational efficiency and reduced contact volumes resulted in more effective customer engagement

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Successfully integrated e-commerce transactions and customer self-service interactions for a seamless end-to-end experience


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a leading beauty supply retailer in the United States, focusing on affordable indulgence for customers through one-stop shopping in convenient locations. The company, experiencing rapid growth, faced challenges with multiple contact center systems, increasing call and email volumes, and a need for improved customer experiences. 


Beauty Supply Retailer


United States



Tech Stack

Multi-Channel Customer Experience for E-Commerce

Tags: BI tools IBM Cognos Analytics

The Challenges

  • The client faced operational challenges due to rapid growth, leading to higher call and email volumes in their contact centers

  • Multiple systems with similar functionality complicated customer interactions, and introducing new channels exacerbated the issue 

  • With 60 agents during peak times, the retailer identified a gap in enabling customers to self-serve, prompting a reevaluation of their capabilities