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Benefits of Integrating Sales and Marketing Data


In a data-driven world, customer experience is no longer limited to just listening to the issues/problem and providing a one-off solution. These days, one of the challenges faced is having data at different systems and needing a unified portal where all these can be utilized in one go for better results. For example, three different systems/modules provide various details. Module 1 has sales data regarding various brands and products; Module 2 has information regarding the various marketing strategies incorporated corresponding to a product and its outcome; and Module 3 has the user base and basic purchase details.

More detailed information regarding the customer's purchase history, preferences, and various requests over a period can come in handy when a contact center representative deals with customer requests. Hence, integrating all these sales and marketing-related data can yield many benefits.

Let's dive deep into how integrating sales and marketing data with a customer contact center yields various benefits for the business, such as staying competitive and fueling the organization's growth.

Single source of truth

Contact center representatives/team would have access to a unified portal where the customer's 360-degree view of the journey can be obtained, ranging from past purchases, requests, preferences, etc., which would help the team to respond to the customers effectively, leading to a better customer experience.

Issue resolution – faster and effective

One key factor that leads to better customer experience and positive feedback is the ability to identify issues as soon as possible and cut back on wait time. No customer would like to wait a long time to get to the root of the issue and even more time to get that resolved or a callback. With the data integration in place, call center representatives would be better equipped to provide resolution or a targeted time frame for resolution in the very first instance in a near real-time scenario.

Enhanced efficiency

With a unified portal, every contact center representative would get first-hand information on the previous conversation with the customer concerning the service request and avoid repeating the same queries. This would eliminate the need for specific manual processes/fact-checking.

Data insights

Integrating all the available data provides the organization with valuable insights, specifically into customer priorities, challenges, and experiences with various products. These insights can guide the organization's sales and marketing team to identify or streamline the process that helps in making better-informed decisions.

Futuristic opportunities

Integrating these data can also help during the launch of a new product/campaign, where the contact center representatives/marketing team could pitch a discussion with customers on the potential benefits the new product would bring them. This would lead to increased revenue and ROI for the organization as well.


Mastech InfoTrellis transforms businesses by seamlessly integrating sales and marketing data with customer contact centers. This unified approach enhances customer engagement, facilitates cross-departmental data sharing, and drives revenue growth. We empower organizations to make well-informed decisions based on valuable insights, ensuring success in future products and campaigns.


Arun Prakash Rajendran

Consulting Architect

With over 14 years in the Industry, specializing in customer experience projects, Arun has helped customers from various industries leverage technology and end user-centric design to create seamless customer experience.