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Modernize Customer Experience with Oracle

Leveraging Oracle Sales & Service Cloud, Field Service, Commerce, CPQ, CDM, and OIC

An industry-leading automation solutions provider to many of the world's most successful companies, used their extensive knowledge base and global capabilities in custom automation, repeat automation, automation products, and value-added services, including pre-automation and after-sales services to address the sophisticated manufacturing automation systems and service needs of multinational customers in markets such as life sciences, chemicals, consumer products, electronics, food, beverage, transportation, energy, and oil and gas.

The organization established growth objectives for the support and service of its products and set a target of growing the business 3-fold in 3 years through the support division. Processes were manual, supporting technology was limited to Excel and email, and data was fragmented across a dozen global ERP systems. The support and service line of business needed to build a customer experience management platform to achieve their revenue goals in the following critical business areas:

  • Unify the view of customer profiles by providing a holistic insight into all interactions to enable high-touch relationship management
  • Enable sales, finance, general management, analysts, customer service, and executive management to capture customers' interactions
  • Provide the ability to manage accounts, contacts, pricing, online commerce, and field service with appropriate supporting functions that add value to business activities
  • Integrate the management of customer interactions between the Oracle CX Cloud Platform with back-office applications
  • Enable a positive customer journey for a self-service experience
  • Improve processes through automation to help foster the assignment of the right interactions to the right personnel
  • Provide support for multiple communication channels to improve operational processes
  • Ensure that authorized individuals are able to read, update, or delete information only as appropriate to their business role
  • Enable access to key documents and guides using a Knowledge Base

The high-level objectives were to implement an IT Services platform that will improve the strategic effectiveness and tactical efficiency of the services organization combined with modernizing and automating their Customer Experience:

  1. Establish a sustainable operating model
  2. Deliver impact on digital customer experience
  3. Build infrastructure for future growth
  4. Enable customer value efficiencies
  5. Provide internal operational efficiencies

Our Solution

Oracle's complete Customer Experience Platform, which comes with the breadth and depth of Oracle's integrated capabilities, is the best in the market. Oracle had the complete platform infrastructure to support a holistic view of the customer experience.

AmberLeaf, a Mastech InfoTrellis company, aligned with Oracle across several pillars to manage the initiative end to end. Oracle pillar teams involved in the initiative spanned CX Cloud teams from Customer Data Management in Sales Cloud, Service, Field Service, CPQ, and Commerce Cloud, the PaaS sales and management teams across OIC and Analytics Cloud, and the back-office Oracle teams with JD Edwards.

We helped set up and participated in the Program Management Office to implement Oracle’s single unified platform and established a deep understanding of their Operating Model & Strategic Objectives, which spanned over 18 months in the evaluation with 20+ team members and over 30 Oracle team members, to the implementation timeframe spanning ten months.

We helped define a customer-centric approach. Our work effort defined the customer journey from the viewpoint with internal processes to manage those interactions. We helped focus on Process Transformation, then followed with enabling Oracle Technology.

We also provided CX domain-specific Thought Leadership, leveraging years of industry experience building and modernizing Service Organizations for enterprises.

Oracle SaaS and PaaS Customer Experience Cloud Applications

Sales and Service Cloud

Only Oracle CX Cloud catalogs, categorizes, and tracks every interaction across all channels. Acting as the central hub of all customer interactions, CX Cloud aggregates customer-facing functions from each of the Oracle Cloud products in the architecture. It is also supported by its native, self-learning Knowledge Base that learns from every search, view, and request and continues to learn as employees and customer use the knowledge base.

Field Service Cloud

The Oracle CX Platform optimized Field Performance, where only Oracle Field Service Cloud measures every activity for every field employee in real-time, including the time it takes to complete jobs and travel between sites. Oracle Field Service Cloud is also self-learning – i.e. it learns every field employee's historical performance and creates a unique performance pattern profile, or work fingerprint, for each one and continues to learn as employee work patterns change over time. Oracle Field Service Cloud is also Predictive, leveraging performance pattern profiles to create optimal daily routes and schedules.

Oracle Intelligent Advisor

Oracle IA helps simplify field service technician capture of progress, questions, and sign-off of work items. Through a guided interview, necessary data is captured accurately and adequately to streamline on-site reporting of work activity.

Commerce Cloud

Oracle has the leading Commerce Platform integrated into the CX Platform to help expedite the Order Process, which enables quicker and higher volume transactions to drive revenue, eliminate labor-intensive quoting and purchasing process, and create a better relationship with customers to increase the likelihood to return and place additional orders.


Oracle CPQ provides real-time pricing heuristics enabling employees to access historical pricing data and provide accurate quotes to customers. Oracle CPQ optimizes profitability and increases product penetration through guided selling and boosts revenue by cross-selling and up-selling products with higher margins and greater product functionality. Oracle CPQ also helps Streamline the quoting process and reduce quote turnaround time while providing 100% order accuracy and improving handoffs between field service, product management, supply chain, and eventually the vendor network.

Oracle Customer Data Management

CDM provided record/source registry and cross-referencing (“x-ref”), real-time duplicate data prevention, dedupe existing records in the system and address validation & correction.

Oracle Integration Cloud

OIC provided a centralized API Catalog, automation with Oracle Cloud application integration, intelligent data mapping and recommendations, and guided integration to orchestrate, map, pub/sub, and virtualize cross-platform data.

The Results

Building the foundation for the service and support operating model

Part of the initiative was to reorganize the company customer-facing service operations by building out the Center of Excellence's role, defining the responsibilities of each divisional resource, and established the platform for future considerations for channel support that allows agility to respond to and lead customer demands.

Established a knowledge management foundation

This provided customer insights needed for customer support, documenting necessary access to critical content, and establishing knowledge-centered services for internal consumption.

Streamlined operations for field service teams

They could now efficiently manage work orders, plan resource allocation, and empower Field Technicians to receive work assignments, prepare for work trips, and track work activity, introduce the mobile capability to view customer product, inventory, and knowledge details while on-site, and quote and process proposals while on-site.

Improved customer and employee experience

By streamlining pricing for Spare Parts Management, establishing a centralized product and service pricing through the new Oracle CX Platform, and simplifying proposal generation, they could now configure, price, and quote requests.

Established a customer portal

We built an Online Self-Service Foundation, centralizing critical customer insights for self-service and establishing a Commerce Platform to expedite the ordering process.

Closed the loop between marketing and after sales support

The different departments were connected through customer outreach by expanding the marketing of products and services and gaining feedback on customer sentiment.

Established business analytics

The project provided customer insights to positively influence business and customer behaviors, continuously learning how to manage the business differently for tomorrow and predicting customer needs through Prescriptive Analytics.


Customer Experience Team

Customer experience that is intuitive and provides a personalized, engaged, and relevant experience through the entire customer journey.