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Connect distributed data sources and provide right data to the right person at the right time.

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Data Fabric services for streamlined Data Management, Monitoring, and Governance

Organizations using data fabric services to connect, optimize and automate data management processes will reduce time for integration by 30%, deployment by 30%, and maintenance by 70%.

(Source: Gartner)

Today, large corporations are housing vast piles of data that are getting difficult to organize, manage, and catalog manually. By merely categorizing data and not making it easily accessible, enterprises are bound to stay behind the curve. Enterprises must acquire capabilities that connect multiple datasets and accelerate data discovery irrespective of where data resides.

Data Fabric services merge technologies like automation, data integration, data governance, and simplify access to data in a distributed landscape. This means, when vital information is discovered at speed, enterprises can generate strategic value and outperform the competition.


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Transforming your Organisation with a Data Fabric Architecture

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Deep Drive into what is Data fabric?

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The Benefits of a Data Fabric Architecture

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Data Fabric - The Process of Data Transformation

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What makes the Data Fabric services stand out?

Automated Data Engineering and Integration

Integrate all tools, processes and data sources into a single access source, and automate delivery process. Capture data changes in real-time, simplify custom data queries, and maximize value through automation.

Automated Data Governance

Create governance rules extracted by AI & ML tools from regulatory documents, and use data ethically. Increase agility, security, productivity and view global data sources as one database.

Self-service Data Discovery

View enormous multi dimensional data within a single point of access, locate valuable data quickly and spend more time exploring tangible insights that drive value for the business.

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud AI Services

Accommodate and index data assets on a multi-cloud architecture with end-to-end workflows that ensure easy accessibility and scalability for AI and automation.

Data Fabric

Top 3 benefits of a Data Fabric

Data Fabric

Data Fabric services for streamlined data management, monitoring, and governance

Data Fabric Service Offerings for Integrated Data Delivery

Access multiple data sources with our Data Fabric Services, a single connective thread that allows for superior data management and governance across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes. Enterprises can automate data discovery, data governance, and data consumption fostering higher productivity rates and improved compliance with data quality standards.

Architecting Data Governance Intelligence

Minimize the risk of sub-standard data and maintain consistent data quality for regulatory compliance requirements, with advanced automation and a robust Data Governance framework.

Architecting MDM Intelligence on Cloud

Organize siloed and unstructured data, avoid duplication and create a master record that provides a single view of data across the enterprise. Move to cloud or re-platform your existing architecture with a proven MDM roadmap devised by experts.

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