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Data Engineering

Building modern data intelligence that turns knowledge into insights

Building a Data Culture: Engineering Data to drive Digital Transformation

Derive game-changing insights with a reliable data-driven business environment that focuses on data quality, data democratization, and data monetizationLet us build you an enterprise architecture that supports reliable, scalable, and on-demand access to the entire corpus of enterprise data. Achieve data-centricity with agile and scalable technologies that support systematic data collection, categorization, and oversight. Capture insights from IoT systems and gain a real-time insight into enterprise operations, risk projections, potential opportunities and make intelligent business decisions based upon real time operations.  

Data Engineering that fuels Advanced Data Analytics
Enterprise Data Integration

A one-stop-shop for ingesting existing data while providing the capability to integrate new data sources for scale. Catalog data with greater flexibility and efficiency into structured, unstructured, “new” raw and processed data sets in distinct locations as and when they enter data systems.

Entity Resolution

Maintain a single clean record of data and remove duplications, with record linkage practices that identify and categorize existing and new entities. Actively track customers while continually adding new relationships and behavior to client models without record repetitions.

Enterprise Data Bus (EDB)

Establish the foundation for data connectivity and management, orchestrated to gather data from all sources and store it in a high-volume, high-capacity file system, creating clean and insightful data ready for business users.

Enterprise Intelligence
Enterprise Intelligence

Get access to a 360-degree view of all crucial data within the enterprise, including structured, unstructured, third party, and social media data,with a central platform. Develop data-driven strategies and capabilities across major ecosystem components for a holistic view of enterprise data.

Data Engineering Service Offerings
Advisory Services

Develop a coherent data engineering strategy with industry experts performing evaluations and chalking out an ideal plan for enterprise-wide adoption.

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Data Engineering CoE

Manage and support enterprise Data Information Systems with our Center of Excellence managed services for a full-scale approach to oversight.  

Data Ops CoE

Manage and support enterprise data operations with a holistic approach to managing your data strategy.

Data Fabric Services

Connect distributed data sets across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes for improved data management and governance.

Success Stories

25% reduction in the return of online orders through data governance and rapid data indexing

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a well-known global cosmetic retailer provide implement a Product 360 solution to give a holistic view of...

5.5% revenue uplift through advanced data aggregation and hyper-segmentation analytics

Mastech InfoTrellis recently helped a trusted and established insurance and risk solutions provider in North America build a 360-degree customer...

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