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Banking Transformed: CRM Boosts 8% Customer Growth, 10% Profitability Surge


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ROI model validation for continued program investment

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8% growth in customer base and 10% increase in customer profitability

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Customer Segmentation Model transforming relationship management


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a prominent North American bank to instill a sales culture rooted in customer intimacy. The goal was to transition from a transaction-based to a relationship-based model, ensuring the bank's "small bank feel" persisted amid growth. 


A leading North American bank


North America



Tech Stack

Client Relationship Management (CRM) initiatives

Tags: BI tools IBM Cognos Analytics

The Challenges

  • The client was looking to retain a "small bank feel" image amidst company growth

  • Core belief in customer intimacy, aiming to drive it through improved information and knowledge

  • The primary goal was to shift from a transaction-based to a relationship-based sales model 
  • Lack of clear understanding of customers hindered targeted incentive programs for maximum impact