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A Universal Tag Platform That Reduced Cloud Costs By 50%


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More than 50% reduction in costs on tag management

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Aqfer Universal Tag now delivers billions of tags per day

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The engineers in the team could work on priority tasks through effective time management through Aqfer Universal Tag


Mastech InfoTrellis helped a leading global publisher and advertising tech service streamline its tag management in an optimal costing chain. The solution helped create high reliability while freeing engineers to focus on more critical issues.    


A global publisher and advertising technology service


North America


Advertising and Technology

Tech Stack

Universal Tag with First-Party Data

Tags: BI tools IBM Cognos Analytics

The Challenges

  • The cloud, engineering, and ongoing maintenance costs of its in-house tagging platform had limited its ability to scale   

  • The client needed to address tag management as a critical component of their value chain to create high reliability while freeing engineers to focus on more critical issues  

  • The existing tagging platform was inefficient, and the team was leery of expensive re-engineering efforts