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Customer Experience Solutions
for marketing

Architecting enterprise intelligence to build, measure and optimize
every customer interaction into a marketing opportunity.

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Customer-Centric Approach to Marketing

Companies earning $1 billion annually can expect to earn, on average, an additional $700 million within 3 years of investing in Customer Experience.

(Source: The Temkin Group)

Brands are responding rapidly to meet the ever changing customer needs. But the rush to respond often leads to gaps between what brands promise and the experience delivered. At Mastech InfoTrellis, we partner with you to deliver enterprise customer experience services that helps your marketing team figure out what your customers need, make sense of the data you already have, and iterate your way to more customers. As a leading CX service provider we help several enterprises deliver improved customer experiences by developing individualized CX strategies via customer-centric approach.

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Intelligent Marketing Decisions

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Increased Engagement with hyper-personalized marketing

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Predictive analytics to forecast future trends

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Increase conversions with analytics

How CMOs are leading the Digital
Transformation Revolution

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Customer Experience Solutions for Marketing

Customer Data Platform Services

Get a unified 360 degree view of all interactions and touch-points of your customers. Use this to offer hyper-personalized experiences with completely integrated customer data sources, meaningful analytics and perfectly synchronized touchpoints. From understanding your key requirements and selecting a suitable CDP vendor to strategic deployment and management, we help you in your end-to-end customer data platform implementation process.

Universal Tag Manager for First Party Data

With the death of third party cookies in 2022, you need not spend huge budgets on third-party partners to manage your tags anymore. Our global CDN delivered, completely regulatory compliant Universal Tag solution offers marketers and advertisers a first-party tag management solution that uses HTTP cookies and is served from the advertisers’ domain creating first-party tags that are owned and managed by you.

Customer Journey Analytics

Drive more revenue and faster growth by predicting future behavior and knowing which programs have the biggest impact. Identify journeys that matter based on your customer goals and business success. Measure and monitor the in-journey signals that predict journey success and orchestrate corrective actions when needed. Easily track journey success using scores, and prioritize the under-performing journeys for investment.


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Demystifying Customer Journey Analytics

Watch our CX experts discuss how a tight collaboration between product and marketing teams can promote a positive customer experience.

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Offer Omni-channel Experience with a 360-degree Customer view

Build a seamless, fluid, and personalized experience with a unified view of customers across all channels throughout the buyer journey. Design and manage your customer journey across multiple touch-points with engaging and personalized interactions.

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Success Stories of Customer Experience for Marketing


Unified Customer Data Platform for a North American Retail Bank

Consolidated six different marketing systems and customer data sources from their recent acquisitions in the banking sector.

  • Decreased time to market
  • Migrated over 200 marketing campaigns to the new environment
  • Designed an overall customer data model to support all bank businesses
  • Created new marketing reports for better analysis of campaign performance
Benefits Achieved:
  • Increased cross-selling services to new customers
  • Increase in digital customer engagement
  • Increased revenue due to cross-sell activities

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Optimized Patient Interactions with Behavior and Trend Analysis

Enabled them with a single repository for patient information to personalize patient interaction and provide real-time information for marketing new program.

Benefits Achieved:
  • Faster and accurate evaluation of patient information
  • Enhancement of patient interaction and overall patient experience
  • Creation of new wellness programs in a cost-effective manner for better patient interaction
  • Decrease in the time to market for new marketing programs
  • Increase in elective procedures, especially after Covid-19 pandemic
  • Increase in customer retention programs with a lower cost of customer acquisition

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