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Apply real-time, advanced intelligence to optimize your manufacturing process

Predict trends and gain a deeper insight into customer and manufacturing needs


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Leveraging Event Manager for Key Data Changes Orchestration


Data Ingestion and Enterprise Intelligence


Best Practices in Data Validation

Scale faster with data-driven process optimization and achieve agility

Build a scalable, cost-effective, real-time data and decisioning infrastructure embedded with trusted data and solid governance practices. Ensure supply chains run without interruptions and meet inventory expectations with data-driven insights. Gain intelligence and insights that drive modernization of operations to gain a competitive edge.

Digitized manufacturing management
Improve manufacturing operations oversight and increase operational efficiencies

Provide a secure, open environment to modernize and move existing workloads to the better-suited cloud environments. Manage data volumes collected from factory floor sensors to ensure real-time visibility of manufacturing assets. Seamlessly connect back-office and customer-facing front with order, shipping, and asset information.

How does our solution strengthen your manufacturing process?

  • Integrate insights from the front and back office to streamline order processing time and operational efficiency
  • Perform predictive maintenance to reduce equipment downtime
  • Create Smart Factories through Digital Twins blueprinting
Zero Latency Supply Chain
Meet all logistics touchpoints with digital solutions and frameworks

Meet expectations of different parties at every touchpoint across the supply chain with better benchmarking, quality, compliance strategies, and remediation services. Our unified digital solution improves and optimizes the product life cycle and makes supply chains perform better using intelligent workflows.

How can your enterprise improve supply chain functions?

  • Get real-time visibility of assets, eliminate siloed information which lower costs, make efficient inventories, reduce sales loss
  • Build a resilient supply chain technology platform with intelligent workflow
  • Adopt IoT, anticipate future needs, and improve recommendations
Supply Chain Solution
Digital Twin for medical devices
Gather intelligent insights from IoT medical devices and AI-powered solutions

Model products and behaviors with Digital Twin technology that helps detect anomalies with AI and ML. With master data management, get a holistic customer-centric view of patients and their devices. Enterprises can manage contact information linked to ERP applications that extract patient records, device details, and other products that the patient may own from the manufacturers.

How does creating a simulation of products help your enterprise?

  • Reduce kickback process by up to 75% with Returned Merchandise Authorization (RMA) which ensures product warranty is valid, inventory is managed, and shipping of products is tracked in case of a return.
  • Integrate end-to-end process with CX as the foundation for customer support and increase efficiency with automation of processes
  • Manage and present relevant information in sophisticated ways by adhering to changing regulations
Digital Twin
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Client Speak

"Thank you for the excellent data analytics and visualization tool that ensured uninterrupted production and distribution."

CPO of an Automotive Company

"Real-time insights enabled us to act quickly on opportunities and make improvements early on. Their solution helped us implement changes without disrupting the current production cycle."

Technical Director at an Automotive Parts Company

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Let's talk about how we can work with you