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Enterprise Intelligence Services

Better decision-making powered by Intelligence

Intelligence to thrive in a competitive landscape

Convert your data into insights and insights into intelligence. Extract contextual and timely intelligence from your data to drive good decision-making. Prepare for the unforeseen, provide resilience against the unknown, spot new opportunities, and allow the enterprise to move faster while gaining a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. 

Emphasize learning at velocity
Become an intelligence-driven enterprise by pivoting to massive data consumption - i.e., an intelligence architecture that emphasizes learning and velocity. Intelligent algorithms are the key to unlocking the value of an intelligence architecture. Let us build you advanced applications that drive intelligence across the organization.

Sourcing, Profiling, Filtering, Organization, Quality, Governance


Discovery (EDA), Modelling (Predictive, Advanced), Generalization, Solution Prototype


Algorithm Scaling, Performance Tuning (Code, Hardware), Deployment and Interoperability, Use Case Optimization, Value Realization (Measuring ROI), Productization, Monetization

Knowledge Capture

Ontologies, Reasoning, Inference, Insights

Explainable AI

Data Visualization, Model Explainability, Interactivity, Application User Interface/Experience

Enterprise Intelligence Service Offerings
Delight customers with a holistic Customer Experience strategy across the enterprise
Smart Ingestion(SI)

Apply our Ontology-driven smart data ingestion solution that sifts through vast, unstructured, raw data and prepares a repository of reliable data to generate intelligent insights from.

Data Quality Intelligence(DQi)

Utilize fit-for-purpose data and ensure adherence to data quality standards across the enterprise with our robust AI Data Quality Intelligence frameworks.

Enterprise Knowledge Graph Intelligence (EKGi)

Power business decisions by exploring data, driving analysis, and generating rich insights to fuel data-driven strategy formulation with Knowledge Graph intelligence architecture.

Enterprise Intelligence Hub(EIH)

Access a central, Enterprise Intelligence platform that enables a 360-degree view of all crucial data within the enterprise, including structured, unstructured, third party, and social media data, built on a foundation of open source, proprietary software, and technologies.

Success Stories

Bettering Business Intelligence to run company operations

Mastech InfoTrellis constructed a data warehouse and designed reports that enabled the enabled data scientists and other analysts to perform...

Creating a Reporting Platform for the Enterprise

Mastech InfoTrellis built a highly-available, SLA-driven business intelligence and reporting solution leveraging a leading reporting platform...
Smart Ingestion: Using ontology-driven AI

Smart Ingestion: Using ontology-driven AI

Machine Learning Structured Data

Antifragility, Machine Learning, and Graph-Structured Data (Ontologies)


Enterprise Intelligence Series - Episode 1


The Value of Ontologies: A Visceral Understanding

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