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Enterprise Intelligence Hub

If we want to win, we need to learn quickly at speed. This applies to business as well. Winning enterprises have a data ecosystem that exposes all data, makes it trusted, applies machine learning, and eventually lets it self-learn and evolve – the genesis of a data-driven enterprise. The enterprise that learns and executes the fastest always wins. To accomplish this, enterprises need an Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH).

The Mastech InfoTrellis Enterprise Intelligence Hub (EIH) is an intelligent platform to consolidate enterprise data to find and learn new information and derive trusted insights. EIH establishes a data environment that uncovers the entire corpus of enterprise data to acquire meaningful and actionable insights to make informed decisions faster, better, and more effective.

It all starts with the trusted information. Semarchy xDM on the Intelligent Data HubTM is the market-leading multi-domain master data management solution that makes data trusted. Semarchy xDM is a single platform for managing and governing customer, supplier, employee, product, financial, asset, location, and reference data. With Semarchy xDM, businesses can regain ownership of their critical data and easily define and enforce corporate policies, strategic initiatives, and competitive analysis. Semarchy xDM’s flexible design, coupled with a matching and deduplication engine and accompanied by a user-friendly data steward user interface, allows producing trusted data with agility and speed.

Along with Semarchy xDM, EIH includes the Smart Ingestion Engine (SIE), Enterprise Data Bus (EDB), and Ontologies driven Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG).

The Smart Ingestion Engine (SIE) facilitates the quick ingestion of all the raw data, structured, unstructured, and semi-structured, from disparate sources and then organizes and loads them in the Enterprise Data Bus (EDB). In EDB, the data is then stored on a high-volume, high-capacity file system called the Data Ocean. The machine-learning-based curation algorithms cleanse, transform, and standardize the data and deliver them to the data lake (or equivalently a data vault) for consumption by downstream applications.

The data ingested by the SIE and cleansed in the EDB seamlessly integrates into the Ontologies driven Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG). Ontologies apply in-depth domain-specific knowledge to the enterprise data to create Knowledge Graphs that capture the language, rules, and nuances of the business. The process continuously evolves to capture all the facets of a business across an ever-expanding network of relationships—revealing hidden patterns in a visual form along the way. The graph grows deeper based on additional insights discovered by advanced analytics and expanding ontologies enriched by Machine Learning.

Machine Learning generates a whole new game-changing intelligence layer in digital form that enterprises can execute in real-time, i.e., artificial intelligence (AI). AI is the technology that will drive the next level of business automation in the enterprise that delivers massive productivity. More importantly, the EDB, coupled with trusted data from Semarchy xDM, will enable machine learning at speed by applying ontologies and produce intelligence that will transform business.

How do we get started, and where do we start? In order to successfully implement each component in the EIH, it takes time and effort and needs the right skills and strategic vision. Some enterprises take months, if not years, to build the right architecture and decide on each component. Then it is a long process to seamlessly integrate and optimally operate the platform. In addition, less than five years technology half-life and even shorter technology skills half-life and its lack of availability add complexity to the decision-making. For big enterprises, putting it all together is a gigantic task riddled with time, risk, and cost. For smaller enterprises, with the lack of skills, resources, and investment, it is basically an impossible task that is out of reach. You can forget about quick learning and winning!

Mastech InfoTrellis and Semarchy bring extensive industry expertise and broad knowledge of experience together to enterprise success. Industry-specific use cases that deliver real business values are cornerstones to delivering successful projects in a short time frame. With the combined technology of EIH and xDM, enterprises can be confident in not only their data management but also better understand their business goals and how to reach them. EIH powered by xDM enables both operational and analytical use cases and provides enterprises a menu of choices to start delivering values quickly. This approach lets enterprises concentrate on usage and drive business transformation to deliver better business outcomes faster than competitors.

EIH powered by xDM is an effective combination designed to enable the learning of enterprises’ trusted data to deliver intelligence-infused business outcomes at speed. As a result, enterprises can learn quickly, differentiate, disrupt, and be agile. Why learn quickly? Because it is all about winning!


Tera Chung

VP of Technical Sales Engineer

Tera Chung is the VP of Technical Sales Engineer at Mastech InfoTrellis, where she leverages her technical expertise to drive sales success. With a strong background in data and analytics, Tera excels in crafting innovative solutions that empower clients to harness the full potential of their data.