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Improve data accessibility and management with flexible, scalable,
and economical Cloud-native solutions.

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Agile MDM on Cloud capabilities to access data anywhere

Accenture recently surveyed about 4,000 global business and IT leaders, of which 65% of respondents saved 10% in cost on average, from moving to the cloud.

Soaring data volumes are compelling IT decision-makers to modernize technology architectures to accommodate newer data sources. A Cloud-native approach to Master Data Management provides faster data access, replaces capital expenses with operational expenses, and drives security and agility in applications.

If your enterprise is mulling over Cloud adoption for MDM or is looking to upgrade existing legacy data management applications, the experts at Mastech InfoTrellis can support you in devising Cloud strategies and help deliver operational data where it is required.

Master Data Management on Cloud Journey
Blog | 4 MIN

Master Data Management on Cloud Journey

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Simplifying MDM on the Cloud, and is it right for you?
Whitepaper | 4 MIN

Simplifying MDM on the Cloud, and is it right for you?

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Accelerate Data Delivery with MDM on Cloud

Companies across the globe are either considering an MDM on Cloud adoption or are already in the process of integrating Cloud into current architectures, while some MDM solutions are approaching end-of-life. Mastech InfoTrellis helps efficiently plan Cloud adoption by evaluating existing technology, analyzing gaps, and formulating a future-state roadmap to support agile application development to align with enterprise MDM needs.

MDM Consultation Services for Cloud

Our experts assess your existing architecture to determine the need for an MDM on Cloud implementation or re-platforming existing architecture to accommodate Cloud. Our MDM Advisory for Cloud includes Assessment packs designed to address business process change, technology provider selection, and estimated costs and benefits of Cloud adoption or upgrade/migration.

MDM Data Quality and Governance Assessment

An assessment to devise a Data Governance strategy, future state governance process, technology for establishing strong data quality.

MDM CCPA Compliance Readiness Assessment

An MDM Compliance readiness-focused assessment plan to determine the right model for enterprise-wide Customer 360 and CCPA Readiness.

MDM Business Value Assessment

A comprehensive business value assessment and financial analysis to highlight the ROI, TCO for MDM on Cloud implementation.

MDM Architecture Assessment

An evaluation of the current architecture to assess business needs, identify gaps, and propose long-term and short-term solutions to address the gaps.

MDM Implementation Services on Cloud

Achieve speed in MDM on Cloud implementation within your enterprise environment using our tailored packs that offer a detailed blueprint for a phased implementation and help your enterprise identify the right Cloud technology to deliver measurable ROI.

MDM Quick Start / Expertise Services

Drive faster product implementation and rapid platform deployment with solution hardware specifications, installations, and configuration of the IT environment.

MDM Development Services

Leverage architecture development, installation, and configuration of the MDM on Cloud environment and initiate a priority use case implementation.

MDM Implementation Services

Get architecture development, installation, and configuration services of MDM on Cloud and obtain all components needed to produce the initial implementation.

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Implementing a Single View of Customer on Cloud

Implementing a Single View of Customer on Cloud

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Why is MDM on Cloud game-changing for your enterprise?

  • Flexible and Scalable - Allows dynamic up-scaling or down-scaling along with software licensing limits, as per MDM storage needs
  • Universal Data Accessibility – Connect distributed data sources supporting end-users to query and access data across the enterprise environment
  • Reliability and Resilience – Store critical, sensitive enterprise data securely on Cloud solutions offered by trusted vendors, engineered for reliability, and provide 24/7 support

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MDM Upgrade or Migration to Cloud Services

Improve your existing on-premises or Cloud solution architecture or migrate to a better platform with minimized business disruptions. Leverage the right data tools and processes and add new data management capabilities that are scalable, reliable, and flexible. Evaluate gaps in your existing system with our Assessment packs and measure enterprise readiness for a Cloud migration or upgrade.

MDM Upgrade Assessment

Our MDM Experts assess the existing data management system and study the long-term MDM vision of the enterprise to create a roadmap design for MDM on Cloud upgrade with architecture plans, upgrade timeline, scope, and budget.

MDM Migration Assessment Services

An assessment pack to evaluate and design a solution architecture, migration timeline, and budget for MDM on Cloud implementation. The report will also highlight benefits that can be reaped across the enterprise’s business functions.

Managed or MDM Support Services on Cloud

Focus on improving your core business while we manage your MDM on Cloud initiatives that include installation, provisioning of solution software, cloud network setup, support for cloud vendor platforms, infrastructure utilization review, performance optimization, database monitoring, 24/7 ticket-based support, and more.

Master Data Management on Cloud Journey

Master Data Management on Cloud Journey

Enterprise Data Fabric, the Transformative Next Step in MDM

Enterprise Data Fabric, the Transformative Next Step in MDM

FAQs around MDM on Cloud

1. How challenging is it to switch from physical servers to the Cloud?
Without guidance from an experienced professional, migrating to the cloud can be incredibly challenging, time-consuming, and costly. There will be inevitable customizations that need to be made to an existing MDM architecture to deploy it within a Cloud infrastructure and if you are also moving from a “legacy” architecture to a Cloud native container-based architecture, significant additional decisions and effort will be involved in the migration. Another challenge is teaching employees how to work with the new technology (both from an operational and functional POV). At Mastech InfoTrellis, we have expert MDM consultants who assess your needs, develop a migration plan, and train your employees for a smooth transition.

2. What Cloud service is right for me?
The answer to this question is heavily dependent on the available options that you must choose from. If you decide to deploy your own version of MDM into an existing Cloud account, then you will have complete flexibility on which Cloud platform you deploy to and how MDM is implemented within that platform. In this scenario, the best choice is largely dependent on your enterprise Cloud standards. It's important to note that this flexibility comes with the responsibility of managing the resulting implementation.
Alternatively, if you choose to go with a pre-existing SaaS (Software as a Service), then you will likely be limited on being able to select from a list of supported Cloud platforms or may have no choice at all. In this situation, your decision is driven more by the offered MDM platform and the list of services bundled into the associated SaaS offering.
Our MDM experts can help you assess your specific situation and make recommendations that support the correct tactical and strategic choices. We can then help you implement your defined MDM to Cloud roadmap in an efficient and risk-free manner.

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