Robust data governing policies for better data quality, security, and compliance

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Data Governance – The cornerstone of high data quality and security

Only 3% of enterprise data meets business quality standards.

(Source: Harvard Business Review)

Enterprise data has the potential to trigger fast-paced digital transformation. High-quality data is an indispensable bedrock to generate business-ready insights and productive strategies. A robust Data Governance framework establishes uniform control and management of enterprise data that powers advanced and reliable analytics, minimizing the risk of sub-standard data and solidifying data security.

Enterprises must maintain consistent data quality for regulatory compliance requirements around digital users' personal data and to obtain absolute business value.

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Blueprint for a Successful Data Quality Program

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There is more to Data Quality than meets the eye

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Is your Data AI Ready?


Secure Enterprise Data with Data Governance Services

Our Data Governance experts work hand-in-hand with your organization to capture your business objectives, analyze current compliance levels, and mitigate the risk of poor data quality while following data protection procedures to help you strengthen your Data Governance framework.

Master Data Management

Maintain a unified view of customer, product, and other enterprise data that powers advanced analytics with clean and de-duplicated records.

Business Glossary

Capture all of your business terms, policies, and processes, and visualize relationships among data elements and systems.

Data Catalog

Scan and identify all of your technical data assets across the enterprise, enrich data with tag annotations, and link to business terms from the glossary.

Metadata Management

Document the structure, relationships, origins, formats, and use of your data, and carry out efficient metadata analysis for a faster project and product delivery.

Data lineage

Track end-to-end data lifecycle from origin to consumption to ensure compliance, and perform impact analysis for changes to any data elements.

Policy Management

Define Data Policy rules in support of Governance policies, monitor and report on application and data alignment with Governance policies.

How to govern your Data

Exploring Watson Knowledge Catalog Part 1 - How to govern your Data

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Enabling Self-Service Data

Exploring Watson Knowledge Catalog Part 2 - Enabling Self-Service Data

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the open university

The Open University

Enabling exponential growth with a unified data management platform

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The Data Governance Service Advantage

  • Improved Analytics Capabilities – Reliable insights derived from quality data, power better business strategy.
  • Uniformity in Data – Consistent enterprise data quality removes ambiguity and increases trust, making it suitable for business use.
  • Better Data Understanding – Clean and reliable data leads to a better understanding of data that forms the basis for strategic decision-making.

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Data Governance Assessment Services to Suit Enterprise Needs

Understand the current footing of the processes in your enterprise with our unique Data Governance assessment service packs that spot gaps in the existing technology landscape, develop a phased roadmap, and identify suitable Data Governance platforms for implementation. Witness an improvement in your enterprise data quality with our standardized measures of success.

Business Value Assessment
  • An evaluation of current state and post-assessment roadmap design
  • Identification of industry benefits, business value, financial analysis
  • ROI, TCO calculation for the Data Governance implementation
Architecture Assessment
  • Current architecture evaluation to assess business needs and identify gaps
  • Long-term and short-term solution recommendations to address the gaps
  • Roadmap design for Data Governance best suited to service client's data needs
Data Governance and Quality Assessment
  • Recommendation of a Data Governance Strategy, roles and responsibilities for personnel
  • Creation of a proposed future state data governance process for data quality and data security
  • Technology and cloud platform selection for a phased approach towards data governance

How Mastech InfoTrellis translates Data Governance into a better bottom line

See how we help enterprises unlock the value of their data

Data Governance Services for Accelerated Adoption

We help clients implement proven Data Governance frameworks based upon a future-state roadmap. Get a detailed blueprint that will document a phased implementation and help your enterprise identify the right Data Governance platforms to deliver measurable ROI.

AI Enabled Data Quality  Improve your Data Quality across your Enterprise

AI Enabled Data Quality : Improve your Data Quality across your Enterprise

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There is more to Data Quality than meets the eye

The nexus of a Successful Data-Driven Bank

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Capabilities of IBM CloudPak for Data and WatsonKnowledge Catalog

Capabilities of IBM Cloud Pak for Data and Watson Knowledge Catalog

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FAQs around Data Governance Services

1. When should I buy a tool to help govern my data?
It is vital to acquire competent personnel and implement necessary processes before searching for the right Data Governance tool. The individuals must be aligned with the enterprise objectives to define roles and responsibilities, then adopt the tool for Data Governance best practices implementation.

Onboarding an experienced Data Governance consulting firm will simplify the identification of the right personnel and platform for implementation.

2. How is the success of Data Governance measured?
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) defined in the Data Governance roadmap planning stage help ascertain the approach(es) to realize the project outcomes. The KPIs must be connected to the business objectives to examine the overall benefit derived from the implementation. Typical performance indicators could be improved data quality, reduced time spent on organizing, cleaning and querying data, and long-term ROI of the implementation.

3. How can enterprises benefit from Data Governance?
Data Governance processes center around the management, access, and delivery of clean, reliable data. A tested mechanism can help expose previously unknown data sources and discover hidden relationships between multiple datasets. Such novel approaches can produce advanced insights that accelerate business development and growth.

4. Who should be responsible for a Data Governance strategy?
For drafting an effective Data Governance roadmap, individuals with a proven level of expertise in technology, strategy, and people must participate. The individuals must understand different parts of the business and create a collaborative environment for Data Governance planning.

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