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OneTrust Implementation Boosts Privacy Request Processing within 45 Days


Highlights -1timeframes

Ensured 100% processing of data subject requests within mandated timeframes.

Highlights -2 privacy

The MDM solution achieved full readiness for managing customer updates on privacy and consent preferences.

Highlights -3 deadlines

A streamlined process enabled swift responses to all data subject requests, meeting regulatory deadlines. 


Mastech InfoTrellis guided the client through the complexities of US data privacy regulations with a two-pronged approach. We designed a robust privacy framework to ensure compliance with evolving laws and empowered customers by enabling their MDM solution to manage data privacy preferences. This included reviewing existing policies and data classification to integrate essential privacy control points within the MDM system, fostering transparency and customer control over their information. 


A renowned retail organization 


Europe and the countries of USA and Indonesia   


Retail and wholesale

Tech Stack


Tags: Data-as-an-Asset

The Challenges

  • The client wanted to implement the OneTrust solution after facing a complex regulatory landscape with evolving state privacy laws in the US 

  • The client also struggled to collect and utilize customer data while adhering to privacy guidelines 

  • There was a need to efficiently handle all customer requests regarding their data within specified timeframes