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MDM-based Universal Customer Profile - Built 4 Months Ahead of Time


Ability to track users across all platforms and create a single customer view with a universal data layer.

Deeper audience insight and understanding, and increased customer engagement with consumer preference data.

A single unified view across source systems enabled targeted marketing.


We partnered with a leading global money transfer company in the United States to evaluate its existing architecture and define a Universal Customer Profile (UCP) roadmap. Using our Smart MDM methodology, we helped create a customer-centric data landscape that promoted a homogenous data view and enhanced customer engagement by leveraging collected consumer preference data. Our team of experts successfully implemented the foundational MDM, updating existing modules and creating new customer profiles.


A leading global money transfer company


United States



Tech Stack

IBM MDM, Universal Customer Profile (UCP)

Tags: MDM MDM Solution MDM Methodology

The Challenges

  • Dealing with a heterogeneous application landscape for profile information hindered marketing and business initiatives.

  • Transforming a transaction-based landscape into a customer-oriented one by establishing a single source of truth for profile data needed more time.

  • Ensuring high performance and availability with 24/7 high-volume transactions was necessary.