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An MDM Upgrade in Just 8 Months


20% performance gain with the latest MDM product stack

Cost reduction of 30-40% through consolidation with other MDM systems

Automatic database failover for disaster recovery


Discover how Mastech InfoTrellis helped a leading global technology enterprise achieve a successful MDM upgrade in a short turnaround time of only eight months. As a trusted partner, Mastech InfoTrellis delivered a future-ready, scalable MDM solution seamlessly integrated with existing customizations. With a focus on data integration and quality, our experienced team ensured a smooth transition, addressing the challenges faced by the client.


Leading Global Software and Hardware Organization


North America


Technology services

Tech Stack

IBM MDM AE V11.6 Upgrade Version

Tags: MDM MDM Solution MDM Upgrade Data Integration Data Quality

The Challenges

  • The client faced challenges due to the need for more support for their MDM AE, implemented in 2013/14, which ran out of support in 2017.

  • Not upgrading the critical AE Hub, serving as their core PartySite master globally, presented a significant risk to data quality and integrity.

  • The client needed help finding a reliable vendor with a quick turnaround time. Most vendors quoted a lengthy timeframe of 2 years, considering the project's complexity.