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Leveraging Informatica MDM to Achieve 50% Improvement in Data Quality and Claims Processing Efficiency


over 50% reduction -1

Achieved over 50% reduction in manual maintenance work by merging provider and supplier data from multiple sources into a centralized MDM repository.

Data Driven 2

Established a 360-degree view of suppliers, including locations, for data-driven decisioning.

Data Quality

Enhanced data quality by over 50% through daily third-party enrichments, minimizing data ambiguity.


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a health insurance company to migrate their claims processing system to a modern, cloud-based platform. We implemented a customized Informatica Multidomain MDM to consolidate and enrich provider data, boosting accuracy and reducing adjudication time. Additionally, we facilitated a smooth cloud transition, migrating on-premise capabilities to SaaS MDM and IICS. This ongoing collaboration enhances operations and empowers data-driven decisions.  


A health insurance organization


North America



Tech Stack

Informatica MDM, Informatica PowerCenter

Tags: MDM Data-as-an-Asset

The Challenges

  • The client required expert support to migrate their legacy on-premises Informatica MDM and PowerCenter environments to a new, cloud-based IDMC product suite. 

  • The client's legacy claims adjudication system was outdated and lacked the functionality needed for modern operations.

  • Provider data was scattered across multiple systems, leading to duplicate information and inefficiencies in claims handling, enrollment, and other essential functionalities. 

  • Critical data on suppliers and members resided in separate, unconnected systems. 
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