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7X Improvement in Service Request Resolution and Better Cross-selling with MDM and BI Reporting


Over 7X enhancement in service request resolution and automation

Rapidly expanded revenue streams in just 2 quarters

Ability to harness precise and readily available customer data with BI reporting


We partnered with a leading American manufacturer of diagnostic devices to unlock the power of their data. Mastech InfoTrellis helped create a single view of customer data by standardizing, harmonizing, and leveraging the client's enterprise data to drive critical revenue and profitability metrics. From driving product innovation to increasing market share, improving operational efficiencies, and delivering world-class customer service, we leveraged Master Data Management and BI reporting to make this happen.


A leading manufacturer of healthcare products


United States



Tech Stack

Informatica, Power BI, Tableau

Tags: MDM Data-as-an-Asset

The Challenges

  • The client's objective was to increase cross-sell/up-sell opportunities by leveraging a comprehensive 360-degree view of customers and products.

  • They also sought improved customer experience and Net Promoter Score (NPS) by optimizing the new customer creation process.

  • The project demanded better financial reporting, compliance, product innovation, and commercial insights by implementing modernized, cloud-based data science and analytics capabilities.