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Automated Order Management & Customer Support Chatbot for Popular Sweepstakes Platform 



Customized AI chatbot on the ODA platform ensured user-friendly access to support services.


Deflected live chats decrease call center costs while providing 24/7 customer support.

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Streamlined processes and centralized support contribute to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty, which is reflected in an expanded user base and successful transactions.


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a popular Sweepstakes Platform for enhanced customer support by implementing an AI chatbot solution utilizing the Oracle Digital Assistant platform. This solution provided 24/7 comprehensive online support, effectively decreasing call center expenses by diverting live agent interactions. Additionally, we facilitated the client's robust deflection rates, high transaction volumes, and increased customer loyalty. The streamlined processes resulted in better customer experience, and empowered customers with self-service capabilities. 


A popular sweepstakes platform  





Tech Stack

Oracle Digital Assistant, Oracle Service Cloud

Tags: Data Activation Customer Service

The Challenges

  • The client struggled to elevate the overall customer service experience for prompt, accurate, and personalized assistance across all touchpoints.  

  • They aimed to decrease reliance on live agent interactions to optimize operational costs and resource allocation in the call center.   

  • The client sought to deliver proactive and tailored technical support solutions through automation.