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Achieved Faster, More Cost-Effective New Store Opening with a Centralized Platform


Highlights 1

The ServiceNow solution was implemented for select locations within two months, showcasing a rapid and efficient deployment strategy.

Highlights 2

Store build-out schedules improved by 10-20%, and costs were reduced by nearly 5%, demonstrating the solution's positive impact.

Highlights 3

A centralized document repository and standardized communication protocols fostered transparency throughout the NSO process.


Mastech InfoTrellis partnered with a billion-dollar industry giant, a leading national quick-service restaurant chain, to streamline its new store opening (NSO) process. The chain's existing methods, reliant on manual communication channels, hampered efficiency as its store footprint expanded. Explore how Mastech InfoTrellis, through a collaborative approach, harnessed the power of ServiceNow to address these challenges. Our solution aimed to transform the NSO process into a centralized, integrated system, fostering improved communication, standardized documentation, and faster and more cost-effective store openings. 


A quick-serve restaurant


United States


 Food Service

Tech Stack

ServiceNow Platform, Customer Portal, Document Repository, Facilities Management, Project Management, Vendor Management, Workflow 

Tags: Data Activation Customer Service

The Challenges

  • The client's rapid expansion exposed inefficiencies in their new store opening (NSO) process, leading to rising costs and missed deadlines.

  • This growth also strained collaboration between key departments (real estate, facilities, IT, vendors, and government agencies). Inconsistent and untimely communication caused delays and cost overruns in new store build-outs.

  • Further compounding the issue, a lack of standardized communication and documentation created confusion and hampered the overall NSO process.