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Revolutionized E-commerce with a 50% Deflection Rate with AI-Driven Chatbot Solutions


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Achieved a dramatic deflection rate exceeding 50% for order tracking, order history, and price adjustment inquiries. 

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Ensured over 20% overall deflection of inbound inquiries, resulting in approximately $7 million in estimated cost savings. 

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Maintained consistent high deflection performance through continuous monitoring and optimization. 


Mastech InfoTrellis empowered the client's customer service with an intelligent AI-powered chatbot. This chatbot utilized natural language processing to understand user inquiries and deliver exceptional order support. Customers gained real-time access to order tracking, order history, price adjustments, and item availability details, all through a convenient and intuitive conversational interface.


A renowned wholesale organization  


United States



Tech Stack

Oracle Digital Assistant and Oracle Service Cloud  

Tags: Data Activation Customer Service

The Challenges

  • The client struggled to reduce overhead by minimizing human agent chat volume 

  • They wanted to leverage internal API capabilities for reliable customer data and self-service options 

  • There was a requirement for automated price adjustment request submissions to streamline processes and enhance member service experience to achieve deflection goals of 20%