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Interfacing Virtual MDM


MDM Connector stage is a key to open the door of IBM Virtual MDM. Yes, we can manipulate the data in MDM (MDM refers to IBM Virtual MDM in this post) using the MDM Connector stage which was introduced in IBM DataStage v11.3.

We know that loading data into MDM is not an easy task since it involves many tables and the relationship among the tables should be maintained properly, otherwise will end up dealing with junk not with the data. MDM Connector stage makes this task simpler by allowing us to configure everything in the single configuration window.

This blog post details on how the basic operations (read/write) on data can be performed using the Connector stage in v11.5.

Datastage and MDM Server Connectivity

To connect to the MDM server, the following should be specified in the stage properties

Specifying-Stage-PropertiesFigure 1: Specifying Stage Properties

  • Host name – IP Address/Host Name of the MDM Server
  • Port number – http Port number of the MDM Server. This can be found in the file of MDM

Writing Data into MDM

The Interaction mode should be specified as Member write as shown in the following figure if we want to write anything into MDM


Figure 2: Write Data to MDM

Model identifier specifies the data model of the MDM which should be imported into IIS using the IBM Metadata Asset Manager. The steps to import IBM Infosphere MDM assets into an IBM Infosphere Information Server is given in the tutorial Importing IBM Infosphere MDM assets into IBM InfoSphere Information Server Repository

The Member attributes will be listed in the Configuration Window based on this Model identifier.


Following is the source data which we would like to load into MDM:


Member Write Configuration

Required Member type and attributes can be selected and the column wise mapping can be performed by clicking the next button which is at the bottom of the configuration window


Figure 3: Member write Configuration


Tables corresponding to the selected Member attributes can be queried to check the data. Rejections can also be captured by adding the output link from MDM Connector stage and configuring the properties required for the Reject link as shown below.


Reading Data from MDM

The Interaction mode should be specified as Member read as shown in the following figure if we want to read anything from MDM


Figure 4: Data Read from MDM


To read the records from MDM we have to provide one of the following values as an input:


The input data is MEMIDNUM and SRCCODE


Figure 5: Input Data

Member Read Configuration

Required Member type and attributes can be selected and the column wise mapping can be performed by clicking the next button which is present in the configuration window


Figure 6: Member read Configuration

The output link can be chosen and the required columns can be selected across the member attributes. We have two output links – one for Name data and another for Address data


Data can be written to the file or table or it can be processed further. Data in the address output link is shown as below:


Issues Faced and the Solution

Version Compatibility

DataStage job was failing and the log has below warning message

‘DicStore could not be created; Possibly due to the userId and/or password not being valid. Underlying IOException: ErrCode.EVERSION’

By default, the version of the MDM API library (madapi.jar) provided with IIS is 11.3. This should be replaced with the correct version of a jar which is present in MDM

Location of madapi.jar in MDM server -


Location of madapi.jar in IIS server -


Multiple Rows Returned for Single MEMIDNUM

The DataStage job was returning multiple records if more than one table was being queried for a single Entity ID in v11.5.

The issue was resolved after applying the “fix pack2”.



Senior Technical Consultant

Kanimozhi is an experienced Senior Technical Consultant specializing in EDI and MDM solutions across the Finance, Consumer, and Retail sectors. Proficient in tools like Informatica PowerCenter and IBM Datastage, she excels in SQL, Oracle Database, and IBM DB2.