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Optimize supply chain operations and adapt to growing delivery demands

Get real-time visibility, and monitor multi-dimensional transportation needs


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How to enhance your Business Value using Data Quality (DQ) Tools


What is intelligence architecture?


Enterprise Intelligence Hub: Unlocking Trusted, Actionable and Prescriptive Business Insights

Transport inventory at speed and scale with technology-driven management

Well-defined supply chains are crucial for timely inventory movement from multiple warehouses, stores, or locations across geographies. Intelligent automation and technology-enabled transportation contribute to improved monitoring capabilities. It enables the supply chain to operate with better delivery capacity and minimizes failed deliveries.

Gain a 360-degree view of your inventory, supply chain functions, delivery needs, and labor requirements and empower your enterprise to optimize processes efficiently with data-driven insights.

Inventory and Supply Chain Tracking Solution
Get actionable and predictive supply chain insights with smart analytics tools

Gain real-time insights on inventory at a given location and predict business’ sales bandwidths. Proactively maintain and improve the supply chain to increase coherence with digital transformation initiatives. Empower your enterprise with a data consolidation, management, and analytics solution that delivers actionable insights and predicts future customer needs.

How can you improve inventory predictions and improve sales with our solution?

  • Make better supply chain and logistics projections and foster innovation in establishing an evolving supply chain model
  • Identify damages and defects with more accuracy and utilize analytics to plan and strategize distribution
  • Visualize and analyze inventory fluctuations, monitor cargo details, the efficiency of shippers, and predict potential delays to meet inventory needs on time
Technology-Enabled Transportation Solution
Cater to growing inventory demands with real-time, IoT powered data

Track and react to supply chain demands with real-time information that spotlight multiple data points influencing logistics. With a technology-powered infrastructure, your enterprise can apply AI-driven insights to analyze IoT data, inventory data, supply chain performance, and make strategic improvements.

How do technology-enabled supply chains function better with data analytics solutions?

  • Stay ahead of the curve and be informed of trends, supply chain patterns, and inventory fluctuations, and prepare better for deliveries
  • Better control over inventory monitoring as manufacturers are powered with analytics presented in a comprehensive dashboard
  • With tailored AI models monitor vehicle usages, drivers, and events with external IoT sensors that transfer real-time data to data warehouses
Last-Mile Delivery Efficiency
Accelerate deliveries and meet timelines with intelligent delivery software

Activate efficiency by determining the best routes for deliveries with intelligent automation and analytics solutions. Gain a competitive edge with our solutions that perform a suite of functions like managing the delivery fleet, improving delivery capacity, and reducing delivery errors.

How can Last-Mile Delivery improve brand and customer loyalty?

  • Evaluate route optimization software to efficiently manage a delivery fleet, increase delivery capacity and minimize failed deliveries.
  • Increased transparency by developing and creating a last-mile delivery platform providing real-time tracking of the order
  • Develop AI models to automate the route planning while considering various factors such as vehicle capacity, customer availability, driver schedules
Supply chain recruitment platform 
Plan better and hire the right individuals for supply chain jobs

E-commerce operations in the pandemic economy have triggered a wave of new jobs in the supply chain industry. Enterprises can meet the talent needs and plan appropriately to fill these new high-demand roles.

How does our solution empower the recruitment process?

  • Predictive scoring for talent retention
  • Equip enterprises to handle re-skilling and change management
  • Automate infrastructure and organizational management for better compliance and efficiency
Supply chain recruitment platform
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"Mastech InfoTrellis helped us implement a supply chain data management system that transformed our business. We’ve gained better control over inventories and deliveries with intelligent insights."

Supply Chain Manager at a Manufacturing Facility

"Mastech InfoTrellis helped us centralize supply chain operations with a single system that improved demand predictions, inventory, transport, and risk management."

COO of an E-Commerce store

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